Thursday, 1 April 2010

Blog Awards Update

I received a few blog awards from wonderful bloggers that I am obliged to post an entry as per requests. Figured it's good to lump sum all 3 awards in one post instead of doing it separately. I'm excited to write a few things about myself too, in case any of you fabulous peeps are wondering (haha…that's really an excuse, who does not like talking about themselves, yes, I'm guilty! :P)

Award #1 - Beautiful Blogger Award from the sweet Mis. Thank you so much for the award luv, I'm truly honoured. (Oh and I also received the same award from my good friend Maya!)

The award asks for 7 things about myself, so here goes, a little peak inside the real ME :

1. Every time people see me, their first guess is I'm from Penang, coz I have the anak mami look lol. But I'm not. My entire family is from the East Coast, Kelantan. Oghe Kota Bharu :D I grew up in KL though as my parents work here. And I speak the dialect well, only if I meet another Kelantanese. If not, no one can detect the slang in my speech coz I find it easy to switch between languages/dialects.

2. I am fascinated with horoscope signs and personalities, but not the daily predictions. Based on my observation, people of each sign have similar personalities, no matter what their family/cultural background is. I manage people that way in life, I find it easier somehow. I am a true June baby, a Gemini. I could write a lot about this but I don't wanna bore you haha

3. I got married when I was still a student, in the 3rd year of University. I was 23. Aisha was born a year later. Would not change a thing of this but I don't recommend it either :P

4. I'm a peace loving person, i.e I hate confrontation. Any type of ugliness makes me cringe inside. I just want the world to be happy, happy, happy all the time. I know, what a dreamer.

5. I love to cook, but I hate cleaning, sound familiar? I know I'm not alone here hehehe…..

6. I can act and sing well. I used to win singing competition in school when I was younger and was active in the theatre group back in uni. In fact that's where I met Mr Hubby J

7. I work for the Government of Malaysia.

Award #2 - Happy Award from my lovely blog friend, Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique. Thank you for the happiness Mayya! J

10 things that make me happy :

1. My children – they mean the world to me, I’m nothing without them.
2. Pretty Fabrics – be it buying, touching, or even dreaming about them makes me happy hahahaha
3. Sewing – of course!
4. Good food – yummy! I love Japanese and Italian but nothing beats the variety of Malaysian food
5. A good book – I love reading.
6. Beauty – be it God’s creations or manmade, I love admiring them.
7. Great Movie – a sucker for good rom-com I am, to my husband’s despair tee hee hee
8. Family – mom, dad, sisters, brothers, in laws, niece, nephews – all makes me feel that I belong
9. Blogging and friends – it’s like my daily dose of reflections, I will be loyal
10. Lots of lovin’ from you know who – he makes me laugh, he’s my best friend and I’m insatiable when it comes to hearing him say I LOVE YOU :D

Award #3 - Sunshine Award from Diana at djstoreroom
Awww…..thanks for the cool award Diana! J

All 3 awards asked me to select a number of cool blogs to pass this on. But I just could not limit to a few blogs, I mean have you seen the number of blogs I'm following? There are HUNDREDS of awesome blogs out there and I blog hop everyday, getting inspired by each and everyone of them. So, these awards go to all the wonderful blogs I'm following, you guys rock!

Thanks for reading folks and have great day! :)


  1. You deserve every single one of those awards girl!! Congratulations and thank you for inspiring ME!

  2. wooohooo.. what a reveal! heee =)

  3. I agree, these are well deserved awards. I love reading your blog.

  4. Jenny - thank you my friend! you and your Sis Boom creations do the same to me! :)

    MamaDaniel - tee hee hee....zila buat diam-diam je yea, ada info bahaya nih...hahaha...

    Kathy - thanks so much for taking the time visiting, reading and commenting on my blog Kathy, feels like I've known you forever! :)

  5. mak aii banyaknya award.. :D

  6. waa... kagumnye ada talent nyanyi n acting! what a talented person u are zura ^_^

  7. Congrats on the awards you deserve them all :)

    May your life always be filled wit happiness


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