Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's Done! My First Baby Quilt and Blanket Set

My first baby quilt, took me 2 days to complete. I am now officially in love with quilting! :)

I rushed to finish the quilt as I'm afraid the baby might arrive early. It's due in March but you never know with a first born. It's my new niece/nephew (most probably niece), the first child of my beloved sister in law.

I planned for so long for this quilt, in the end just settled with a simple log cabin. I think I need more practice before attempting the smaller square piecing. I had so much fun playing with the fabric. The quilt has a cute novelty center print and all over polkadots in multicolor.

There's a lot of puckering going on here actually because I quilted using the normal foot. I have yet to invest in a walking foot. I told myself before I will only buy one if and when I really wanna seriously quilt. Since I've seen worse puckering on store bought comforter quilt I guess this is not that bad :P

The back - I used 100% cotton flannel from Robert Kaufman and a sweet blue floral binding from Timeless Treasures.

I used a combination of instructions from Quilts and More magazine and a pattern from Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson. I used outline quilting as per Elizabeth's advice and it is an easier method compared to stitch in the ditch.

I'm loving the clean mitered corner and yes, the binding was 100% blind stitched by hand! :D That's my favourite part....sitting in front of the tv, slowly hand stitching the binding..so relaxing. And the result is pretty neat too, way better than machine stitching.

To complete the set, I made a simple 36" square (with rounded corners) matching baby blanket. I used thin flannel as the backing for that soft, cuddly effect.

Made with love by an adoring Aunt, all ready to go and meet their new owner, can't wait to see those tiny legs and wiggly toes! :)


  1. Bravo Zura!!!
    Neat and beautiful and oh Fransson really helps a lot kan?Step by step betul and clear picture... :D

  2. What a great first quilt! I love the dots. And from a quilter with 15 years quilting experience. The puckers are no big deal. I intentionally use unwashed fabric and cotton batting so that when the quilt is washed everything will draw up a bit to give the quilt a vintage feel. Lots of quilters do that! So no worries, it just give the quilt a vintage feel.

  3. well done on your first quilt. It's very cute, love the polka dot fabric you used for the back and the binding is super cute..

    I always wash the quilt after I'm finished and I love the wrinkly texture the quilting creates.. It gives a very homey and cozy feeling.. heheh maybe it's just me..

  4. Yeay... yeay..!! dah siap...
    thank you my lovely sister...
    lain kali bleh buat lg :D
    mlm td gi checkup, doc kata mcm lambat lg nak deliver, baby tak turun lg

  5. thanks friends! *hugs*

    mai - yup senang refer kat blog dia semua ada hehe

    jenny - thanks! I sent an email about washing too, a bit anxious here :)

    sue - awww...thanks sue! i'm just so happy i managed to finish it. tulah, i need courage to wash the quilt, not sure how to do it

    nima - thank you nima! :)

    huda - yeay! sib baik sempat sampai b4 baby kuar...ekeke...kak zura kena wat satu lagi untuk hanan, coz masa jait ni dia sebok nak baring atas quilt tu hahaha

  6. Its so..... beautiful, love the polka dot fabrics. Its so.... difficult to get such polka dot fabrics over here. Very neat and perfect for the new arrival.

  7. Dah sampai dah.. Perfect!! TQ!!

  8. sorry this might be a 4-yr-old post..but i've just went through ur works, really2 like them.. the way u play and match the colours, simply gorgeous!!


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