Monday, 29 March 2010

Three Little Bags, Three Times The Happiness!

Two posts in a day, I'm on a roll :D
Weekend was super hectic as I scramble to finish these bags before my nephew's birthday which was held at my sis's place last night.

It was supposed to be just one little personalised bag for Nazrin, my nephew, when the story suddenly took a twist. The storyline went something like this :

Crazy Sewing Mommy emerged from sewing room at 11 am : Ta Da! Handmade birthday present for Yayin yeay!
Little Tot Hanan : Grabbed the bag. Anan munye!! Anan munye begggg! (My bag, my bagggg!)
Crazy Sewing Mommy : Noooo....this belongs to Abang Yayin dear...
Little Tot Hanan : ANAN MUNYEEEEEEE! *stomp-stomp-rolling-on-the-floor-loud-wailing*
Super Patient cum Commander Hubby : Please make another one for her. We don't want her grabbing at the bag when Nazrin open his present tonite right? And while you're at it why not make one for Aisha too (he's really impressed with the applique *grin*)
Crazy Sewing Mommy : *sweat* Switch to super mommy mode.

And so I was in the room till 7.30pm, finished just in time to go to the party :D

The bag was really an easy one. I just winged the cutting, thus the different sizes. It's the applique and personalised names that was time consuming.
Look out! Owl behind the wheels! :P
Groovy Heart for Aisha
Three Hearts with a Peeking Owl for Hanan
Nazrin happy with his new bag :)

I love the result. But most importantly, one little tot was happy on the way to the party. And she just knew how to melt my heart with this smile of hers.


  1. I love them!!! I think I just changed my mind on how to make a bag for my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. i love polka dot one!
    hanan nmpk matured sgt ~

  3. oh...that looks too cute...i love the appliqued motifs

  4. So cute! Love the story and your family's love of your work. Very sweet and the 'scene' at your house is very funny in my mind. Hanan "MINE!"! Raw passion is so endearing!

  5. Thats great zura! they didnt look rushed either ")

    I do the same for my kids and nieces.

  6. you are a good mommy! Those are very cute.

  7. Girl, those have fabulous written all over them! How darling!

  8. simple but sooo cute la the bags!:)

    btw, sila la amik award di blog sy ^_^

  9. senyum tu yg mahal very comel!

  10. Jodie - Your welcome! Glad to help would love to see your spin on it :)

    Wan - thanks luv, nampak je matured tapi manja yang amat si kenit ni hehe

    Nima - thanks my friend! *hugs*

    Jenny - haha very true, she's the passionate one, the "scenes", not just endearing, they take a lot of "enduring" on my side too hahaha...

    Krissy - Thanks! they don't look rushed thank God. Zig zagging on those letters omg...takes a lot of patience :)

    Kathy - aawww...thank you Kathy! Totally worth the back pain I'm having from stooping over the machine lol

    B - Thanks girl! The girls totally digging their personalised bags, I should make more of these haha

    Mis - Oh thank you Mis...I bangga tau terima award tu from you, thanks babe!

    Suzy - ehehe...comel kan? cair hati mummy dia ni ha...terus lupa yang dia meraung guling-guling sebelum tu heheh

  11. So beautiful!!!

    Are they made for sale darling?


  12. Hi KI! I do take custom orders. Email me ya? Thanks! :)

  13. ahahaha... super cute.. both bags & behind the scene story..

    aku baru nak cari kain kat ikea nak buat bag applique, tapi untuk diri sendiri... hehehe... tapi entah bile.. sbb ikea belum dalam senarai terdekat..

  14. finally logged on and saw these, so rajin one you! they are so pretty and usable too! well done


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