Friday, 12 February 2010

Ottobre Three Way Dress Sewalong Feature

This feature is almost two weeks behind schedule but no worries as when it comes to sewing, one ought to be flexible right? J

I'm glad I waited before making this entry because there are many inspiring entries popping up in blogland by incredibly crafty and industrious Malaysian sewists. I made many new friends through this sewalong and humbled that many new sewists would love to join, with infectious enthusiasm! Thank you all for participating, honestly, in the beginning I thought it would only be Dura and me, and you've proven me wrong with your drive, determination and of course, most important and highly appreciated, friendship!

Let's look at all the entries now (I try to take only the dresses' photos (not the child) from participants blog in if they have one) :


This sweet dress was sewn by Ajnie from The yellow floral sewn in View C of the dress turns out real pretty! Thanks for joining Ajnie! :)

Sayap Si Pari Pari – The Angel Wings! Love this version by Maya, fondly known to me as Mai ;)

Maya is the owner/founder of the vibrant Craftzone.MY, the definitive Malaysian crafters community hangout. She also has a wonderful blog, a daily must read for many. I love her creativity and neat workmanship, someone I look up to. Maya and me, we go way back to the time when we were sweet 17s, as we were classmates in high school, only reunited almost 17 years later through this passion for sewing and craft. Amazing!

Fuschia Swirl Dress by Durra

We thought of this sewalong when Durra purchased her first Ottobre. I love her fabric selection, sweetness!! FYI, Durra's blog was recently featured in Malaysia's mainstream national daily newspaper. How cool is that! Congrats Durra!

Pink Dress by Kak Haida

Kak Haida, the sweetest sewing lady and friend I've ever met, albeit online. Love all her sewing especially those beautiful bags. Here the dress is for darling Yasmin, her daughter, so pretty!!!

Soft Pink Dress by Neeza

Love how she wing it and put her spin on the basic dress shape. Now that's what I call creativity! Neeza is one of the most consistent blogger in this craft. Love how she evolves into a confident sewist through her blog. Way to go girl!

Orange Floral Dress View C by Zue

The only one who opted for View C and I love it! Beautiful dress for that special little girl. Keep on sewing Zue, you have it takes! J

Dress with Shoulder Ties by Ainun

Ainun sewed View A, the shoulder ties version. This design is so pretty on her little girl, and it looks real comfy! Thanks so much for joining Ainun! J

My Little Valentine Dress by Me!

Of course, worn by the reluctant model. She was not in the mood and it shows lol. I made an entry about the dress here.

I know that there are at least two more young moms just started sewing the dress. I will update here once they are done. However, please email me if you participated and I missed to feature yours.

Finally, I just wanna say, well done ladies! This sewalong is so much fun, we shoud do it often! :D


  1. seronok tengok......I wish i can sew that dress for my your blog!!!

  2. suka sgt tengok all those dresses. i wish i could make one for my dotters one day. am still waiting for the right time to make it!! as i have never sewn any kind of dresses before. pray hard for me that one day i'll come up with one of it. hahaha.

  3. zura, kalo ada masa, buat la lagi.. i am glad to join :)

  4. zura.. macam best aje tgk hasil jahitan semua. macam nak cuba jahit satu aje..:)

  5. Zura, What lovely dresses.....
    Looking forward to see your scrappy pillow too.

  6. best lah ada macam2 version.
    kudos! esp to kawan2 yg tak ada ottobre mag, tapi boleh come out with all these beatiful dress.
    jom jahit lagi!

  7. ya allah.. baru perasan entry ni... hahaha.. thanks for the lovely review.. :D

    cantik no tu.. 17+17..


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