Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sew It - Wonky Patchwork Pillow

After a short break, Sew It started again as the Wonky Patchwork Pillow tutorial won the poll.

So I finished mine this morning, pheww! So glad I did as Sew It is a weekly sewalong, being a slow sewist, it's a real challenge for me :D

I gathered scraps in dusky pink and brown tones with some odd colours here and there. I did not pay any attention to the patcwork print positions at all, after all this is a wonky pathwork pillow lol. But I still think the dark brown polkadots overpowered the others on this one.

Still, I love it. My pillow is a 20" square, so had a 21" square patch.

The back. I love this pink Sis Boom fabric. The little miss just woke up and beaming. Glad to know at least one little girl loves the new pillow! :)

Come join us before Mayya feature this week's Sew It on Wednesday! It really is an easy project, great to use up those mounting scraps! :)


  1.'s a pretty pinky wonky srappy pillow...i love it...

    it is going to be fun to see all scrappy pillows together on the wednesday....

  2. Its really nice Zura, Lovely to see all the colourful pillows.

  3. You finished it in time congrats!

    Love the colours you used but i agree that the brown kind of over powers the pink however still looks good, love the wonkiness ;)

    Thanks for taking part in Sew It :)

  4. zura, nak tanya, kalau nak guna invisible zipper mesti pakai invisible zipper foot ke tak kisah zipper foot pun leh pakai?

    sila tunjuk both ur zipper foot untuk i zipper beginner nih..:p

    btw i ada buat this pillow gak..later i put in my blog :p

  5. thank you friends! love this week's Sew It, can't wait for the feature :)

    okinokiyo - I guna concealed zipper foot. I baru email you the pics, hope that helps :)

  6. I love it! Pink and brown is such a sweet combination.

  7. thanks for dropping by Vanessa! glad you like it, could not have done it without your great tutorial :)

  8. I really like the colour combination, very nice pillow!


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