Monday, 25 January 2010

Ottobre Sewalong - My Little Valentine Dress

The three way dress in my Ottobre sewalong is now My Little Valentine Dress because of the pink hearts fabric I chose ( Love Is In The Air by Deb Strain for Moda). This is also to celebrate little miss Hanan's recognition of the shape. She took one look at the dress and proclaim "Wow mommy....manyak nye LOSH!" (so many LOVES) I love how she says Losh... :)

I finished the dress yesterday. It really is easy. The tracing part is always the one dragging me. I chose view B with the floating frill sleeves. The construction is so simple, I improvised in areas I am not good at such as the narrow hemming.

I applied bias tape to enclose the raw edges of the frills and the armholes. Save me all the narrow hemming horror. As you can see, I still have the too-lazy-to-change-matching-thread syndrom lol
I also applied my favourite French Seam to the sides. It's such an elegant finishing, perfect as I don't have a serger...yet. With this seam, there is no exposed seam on the inside as it is fully encased.

I think I need to shorten the ribbon. I don't have one in matching color so I just settled with this brown one. I stitched the ribbon to the frill and front right edge of the dress body to make sure it doesn't come out in the washer. The dress itself is a little bit short on Hanan. I traced size 92 but I think I made a mistake in locating the bottom band.

The most important thing is, my funny, little Valentine is happy :)

Can't wait to see what others come out for this sewalong, such fun!

Oh, and I survived the IELTS exam too, results in two weeks, yikes!

Till later, happy crafting happy peeps! :D


  1. oh comelnyaaaaa!!!
    ni rasa nka buat cepat2... :D

  2. aaawwwwhhhh cumelnyer.. LOVE the fabric!! Job well done!!

  3. I didn;t like the Ottobrre pictures of this pattern, so I never gave this style a second look, but your version of it is so cute! I may have to try it after all!!!

  4. Great job! Hanan is so beautiful in her sweet Valentine dress!

  5. oh...pretty cuties...beautiful dress

  6. omaigod..omaigod..zura dah siap.
    i belum buat ape2 lagi..omaigod..omaigod..

    cantik la zura, i pon sependapat dgn michal->dlm mag tu nampak macam tak cantik, tapi bila tengok hanan pakai nampak soo sweet! plus the girlish prints & colour, memang cute sangat.

    btw, safiya sebut bentuk tu "heart" with an american accent -->penangan asyik main toddler's game dalam ipod touch. hhmmph..mama dia pun cakap manglish aje haha..

  7. thank you friends!! :)

    I really think View B is darling, and pretty unique floating frills too.

    dura - we have until end of the month hehe plenty time's so funny how Hanan recognise the shape as Love instead of Heart. When I say, this is Heart, she said "Butan art la mummy...LOSH!" LOL kelakar sangat dia sekarang ni...

  8. waaaaa....cantiknya akak...
    sy tgh tggu akak email ni..
    kain dah prepare dah..huhu...

  9. uik! zue, akak dah email last week lagi. baru email lg sekali tadi please check spam boz sekali takut masuk sana

  10. k.zura..zue dah dpt dah email tu..
    tima kasih..
    nnti nk study gambo tu nk wt polanya..
    sy budak br blaja..ahak.. :)

  11. lovely!! wish to sew for my daughter later on.. Salam perkenalan dari Tokyo :)

    p/s: Hope you will get flying colour for IELTS..

  12. Hi Zura,
    The valentine dress is very pretty, as usual love your fabric.

  13. Fit - salam perkenalan, thank you sudi singgah sini ya? and thanks for the wish too :)

    preeta - thanks babe! :)

  14. zura.. aku punya baru siap.. harap diterima walaupun dah masuk bulan baru... hehehehe

  15. wow jahitan ko dah bertambah neat dan lurus....cahayok!! Go for it!!

  16. very nice zura, nak tanya where do u get the mag here? kena subscribe direct from them ke? postage tu yang teruk sikit. thanks

  17. hi kak azida! yup have to buy direct from their website, memang mahal tol ni tapi kat sini takde langsung so there's a trade off I guess...great mag, warning you'll be addicted! :D

  18. that is funny because here down in France we do not call them French seam, but English one ;-)


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