Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lovemelots Label n More

They are here and how can I not love them? :) Teeny tiny labels, just right to carry my mark on each handmade item I churn out every week. Thanks to ribbonboutique for their assistance and exceptional job in producing these.

And these fabrics? Pre order batch 1, just arrived. Gorgeous, yummy, delicious!!

Drool on... :P

Ottobre swealong feature is coming up. Stay tuned! :)


  1. Labels cantik...kain pun cantik sgt :)

  2. zuraa...apsal cpt sgt u dah dpt ur order..jeles ni. i think my parcel satu tu sangkut kat kastam lahhh...

    i siap byr express shipping tp dah 2 minggu tak sampai! :(

  3. ayu & bea - thank you! mehlah join preorder barang seela dua :D

    mai - laa yeke? ni nasib baik je kot kenkadang lambat gak ada sekali tu i tunggu sebulan baru sampai huhu..kalo campur CNY ni lagi lah lambat sampai I rasa 2nd and 3rd lambat sket kot..sabar menanti...label tu, kecik sket tapi I suka hehe thanks mai, ur the sweetest! :)

  4. ala comel nya label tu.. cute2...
    i dah nampak dah kain tu mana satu.. nanti leh la terjah ambik.. eii dah terbayang-bayang nak buat apa. :)

  5. Love the labels i need to order some actually will check them out.

    Gorgeous fabrics i am so jelous of you!! but hopefully not for long LOL

  6. Cute tags, and of course from one fabricaholic to another, LOVE the new fabric! LOL. Cannot wait to see what sew along you do!

  7. Lovely tags.. I need some pro made tags too, i now just stamp mine.. *sigh*
    Everywhere i turn there are some yummy fabric.. they are gorgeous, cant wait to see what you make out of them..
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. wow...gorgeous fabric and cute label

  9. kak zura ade jual kain plain jugak ke?? hee bpe ek harga cm lawa je kaler tgk kt kak maya nye blog


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