Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Aisha’s Nina Top and Hanan’s Tiered Dress

As I've blogged about the handmade bag birthday gift for Aisha here, now lemme show you what I sewed for her to wear on her birthday celebration at my parents'place.
I practically begged Aisha to sew her a birthday party dress ( I know, I can't believe I did that too lol)...but she was adamant and wanted a long sleeves top to wear with her favourite jeans. Remember I told you how Aisha is never a big fan of dresses? I guess because she's growing up and just wanna assert what she likes and building on her personality.

So I granted her wish and sewed a long sleeve purple top with tiebacks. Purple is her current favourite color so I try to stick to the theme with these Lila Tueller fabrics. The pattern is View D of Nina pattern I blogged here.

I love how the top turned out except the length. It's a size 7, the largest on the pattern. I usually sewed her a size 8. However, the pattern is loose fitting, so size 7 fits her well except that it's a bit short. With Aisha's tall & skinny frame, I'd have to lengthen the top next time I make this for her. Nonetheless, this top gets tonnes of compliments at the party. What stands out here is the faux placket with buttons embellishment. I also love the wider, bell sleeves design. I personally think Aisha looks beautiful in purple and somehow she reminds me of a pretty Spanish princess in that top J

Well now, little miss Hanan should never feel left out, right? I was pressed for time. I had only one hour to sew before going to my parents' house and I wanted a simple dress for her.

I fell in love with a Japanese pattern number 58 in Cucito Summer 2009 and sewed a size 80 for her. It is a tiered dress. I chose soft coral and pink combo. The middle tier is sweet Alexander Henry print, Spring Mix in pink. The other fabric is a sweet coral damask print by April Cornell for Moda.

To my surprise, it is already a bit tight. This could only mean one thing. Hanan has moved up a size! I can now sew a size 90 from all the lovely Japanese patterns, plenty of designs to choose from, yeay!

I made a few mistakes in making this dress. Lucky they are not very obvious once I put it on Hanan. Still, I love the carefree, trapeze like design. She was running around in it so comfortably and lavishing on the attention doting adults showered on her.

So that's it, my latest creation. This week I'm aiming to make a few bags. Will get there when I get there ;)

Meanwhile, have you joined my giveaway yet? Plenty of time left before the draw on the last day of 2009, you're welcome to join. I love reading all your creative inspirations! Thanks for reading and have a creative day! J


  1. like i was saying before, i like how u mix the fabbies... sangat cantik

  2. Aisha's Nina Top is amazing. I think the faux placket with button's embellishing and the wide sleeve are my favourite part.

    As for Hanan's, her outfit looks so comfortable. It was such a cute combination.

    You have such a darling models too. I wish my models could be more cooperative like yours :)

  3. tere dah ni sejam dah buleh siap.. aku tak pernah lagi siap dalam sejam... hahaha...

    suka baju aisya tu.. fabric pun cantik...

  4. I just saw your blog for the first time - and I love it! Love your work, your daughters are so cute!

  5. i love hanan's dress!!!! so pretty!

  6. faizlily - thank you! sometimes to decide which combo to use takes me weeks! love your blog too! :)

    dura - thanks babe! hanan is not the easiest to coax though..i've to use all resources to get good snaps. notice how she refuse to look at the camera? lol

    mai/maya - hahaha baju hanan tu boleh lah wat dalam sejam wei..baju aisha tu dua hari tau ekeke

    michal & nn - welcome to my blog, thank you so much for dropping by :)

  7. Hi Zura, What a lovely top and a pretty dress. I really wonder how you find time to do so much, and you are working too. Great....
    I wish I could accomplish atleast half as you can.

  8. I love the purple on your oldest. It really complements her beautiful skin color. And the tiered dress is darling! I love the april cornell fabric. May have to check out her fabrics!

  9. Hello!I found your blog today, you are so talented!!! I want to know, where can I buy this Cucito Summer 2009 mag? I am from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Thank you

  10. Hi Setryan! Thank you for dropping by :) You can try Zilakasim.com for the magazine ya? Good luck! :)

  11. i just saw your blog now and i really liked it ...
    there so much wonderful stuff here
    i think ill be a good visitor :)


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