Saturday, 12 December 2009

Aisha's 9th Birthday Present

For the first time ever, her birthday present from mommy this year is 100% handmade with love. Birthdays for my children have always been a private family affair. We usually celebrate at my parents' place.

Aisha, my sweet girl, she's always at a loss when I ask her what she wants for her birthday. She says she has everything, she doesn't know what else to ask for. My Aisha is a very undemanding, contended little lady and my heart warms up to her. She's so unlike me, her want-it-all mother lol. While browsing the net for bags pattern, she was sitting beside me and suddenly a pretty bag catches her eyes. So I asked her if she'd like me to sew the bag as her birthday gift, she said yes!

So, I purchased the half-moon handbag pattern from keykalou and made her the purse. It is a petite bag, which makes a perfect purse for my girl. She said now she has a purse just like mommy's to bring to the mall :D

Aisha chose the fabric herself from my stash. Her favourite color at the moment is purple. Explains why she was attracted to the bag pattern :)

This is my first purchase of keykalou pattern. I love it! Her designs are really pretty and the instructions are very structured and clear. She also has a blog where she offers tips and guides when making bags which I find very helpful. I also like her taste in sophisticated, vintage inspired fabric print she used in making her bags. Visit her blog here.

All in all, I am glad that this purse is a part of my eldest daughter growing up years. It is my dearest wish that she lives a long and meaningful life, where happiness and smiles never cease. Happy 9th birthday my beautiful girl Aisha...and mommy's so proud of you!

Love always.


  1. Happy Birthday Aisha....may God bless you...

    Zura...beautiful finishing and pretty colour...i love it...

  2. Happy Birthday Aisha.. your DD sangat cantik and looks very matured.. tak sangka baru 9yo..

    beg tu pon cantik.. fabulous kain.. saya suka :-)

  3. Happy 9th Birthday Aisha. She sounds like a wonderful lil lady growing up with much love, guidance and care from a dotting and adoring mom.
    I love KeykaLou patterns and blogs as well, I've made the curvy cluthes and some other small pouches from her pattern. Her blog is so inspiring, it's one of my must 'stop-by' daily blogs :D
    On another note, I'm planning to go to Nippori textile town soon, and was wondering if you would like me to get you some fabrics? i'd be happy to look for them.. (ehem.. trying to find excuses to enable me to stay there longer*grin*)

  4. thank you for the wishes unties! (says Aisha) :)

    My Botang (nama apa ya?) - waahh!!! definitely! that's'very kind of you..tq so much! when exactly are you going ya? actually kan i nak Echino Furuya, ada tak kat sana? if takde Kokka prints pu ok..murah tak compared to US sites? alamak...can I email you? I can't find ur email add..pretty please..!

  5. comelnya handbag aisya... si kecil hanan tu tak jeles ke?

  6. huda, mana tak jeles si kenit tu bila nampak je kakak aisha pakai beg ni dia tarik sambil jerit "beg anan! beg anan!"..huhu nak kena buat untuk dia satu..

  7. sangat beruntung dapat mak pandai jahit!! huu. like, mesti nanti kalau dah besar sikit dah kena pergi dinner or something no need to buy ready-made dress. boleh minta tolong u jahit saja :)

  8. Happy Birthday Aisha..
    she looks so matured for a 9 yr old...
    also love the bag with so preety fabric..
    minat sgt keyka patterns tp xreti nak order mcm mane..


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