Sunday, 8 November 2009

Stripes & Dots Are Best Friends!

The little girl in me loves stripes and dots. They are cute and fun and meant for each other.

I started with the Easy Peasy skirts for both my girls. Then decided that an easy top for Hanan is a must. The pattern is from newly arrived, latest pattern called NINA by Modkid designer, Patty Young. I love it!

Finished all sewing on time before going for a cook out session at my friend's house in Bandar Utama. The girls had fun and it was a breeze getting Hanan to wear her outfit as she saw her big sis Aisha gets a similar skirt. Aisha wanted the long sleeve top to wear with jeans, so that would be a project on another weekend.
Hanan's top turned out so cute! The pattern called for rolled hem on the flounce. Since I don't have a serger and really hate narrow hemming, I decided to add a pretty pink ruffled lace.
Below is a close up of the ruffled lace detail I added to the flounce. Please ignore the naughty, milk stained tongue sticking out there LOL.

More projects to come, till then, happy weekend lovely peeps!


  1. gosh!! what a great top & skirts! sooo cute, when stripes meet dot.

  2. memang cantik.. made for each other indeed.. :-)

  3. thanks dura & kak haida! :)

  4. I love polka-dots and stripes too, but quite difficult to find 100% cotton ones in local stores, ya? Where did you get yours?

    You have been sewing up a storm for your girls... lovely as usual :-)


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