Monday, 28 December 2009

Cheerful Hobo Bag for Lin, My Little Sis

Well, not so little anymore, she's in college now :P

My baby sis Lin (she's the youngest of my siblings) asked for another bag and she keeps writing on my Facebook wall for me to make this one for her. I only have the time to finish it over the long weekend. So here goes Lin, a simple, slouchy, cheerful Hobo bag for you. Hope you like it! :P



  1. Salaam sis :)

    I am new to your blog and mashaallah i love it!!

    what kind of sheers do you recommend? i sew as well, but i am not as good as u :) my biggest problem is finding good sheers to cut with, that dont snag or caus rough edges on the fabric.

    also what types of materials do you recommend best for a beginner?

    thanks in advanced!

  2. Salaam sis Imani,

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog I really appreciate it :)

    The best shears (or scissors) to use must be one that is specifically made for cutting fabric. Usually it's larger and heavier. The rule is exclusivity, i.e never use your fabric shears to cut other materials especially paper. It is the fastest way to dull it.

    As for materials, cotton fabric is the easiest to handle for beginners. Use natural fabric such as cotton or linen. They are not slippery thus you'll love sewing with them.

    I hope that helps sister Imani *hugs* :)

  3. do you have instructions for HOW TO MAKE the hobo bag?

  4. Hi! If I'm not mistaken this was a pattern by Tanya Whelan from Grandrevival Designs :)

  5. Is there a certain pattern for this bag? If so would you mind posting it.

  6. Is there a certain pattern for this bag? If so would you mind posting it.


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