Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sew It - Margaret Bag

I joined this week Sew It organised by the lovely Mayya over at Sew Chic and Unique. This time it's the Margaret Bag, the same tutorial I attempted before in my previous post here. I wanted to join this one coz I promised my sister a shoulder bag of the same design and needed the extra push to do it :D

And look at the result! I simply love it!! I used this cute Chocolate Lollipop print by Anna Maria Horner.

This design is so pretty and once done looks really great! As before, I omitted the interlining coz I don't have it. But, since the fabric I'm using is quilting cotton, I used fusible interfacing to make it sturdier.
I lined the bag with black and white gingham and attached pockets. I have to say the topstitching around the bag is challenging especially working at the bulkier multi-layer middle part.

Overall, I am much more satisfied with the result this time around. And of course the girls could not resist the bag and wanted some photo actions even if its bigger than them! LOL


  1. i came here from mayya's blog, your bag looks fantastic, nice fabric too, i like the color combination!
    Good Job!

  2. thanks so much for visiting Peach Rainbow! :)

  3. Zura its beautiful, i love it!
    Thanks for joining in and i am sure your sister will be over the moon with her new bag!

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  4. Thank you Mayya! She's coming to pick it up today, hope she likes it. She's gonna use it when college reopens next week :)

  5. wow...this looks gorgeous Zura. i missed sewing it...

  6. thank you nima! we missed you too, sew it is not the same without you!

  7. Hi Zura,
    I am Preeta,and I joined Mayya's Sew it recently. My sewing skills are very basic,I was the one with doubts about Margaret's bag. Thanks to Mayya and you, I managed to do it. I could'nt wait till Mayya displayed your bag in her sew it section, so I hopped on to your blog.
    Zura, Your bag is so....... beautiful. I love the bold prints.

  8. Hi Preeta! Thanks for dropping by! Just saw yours and congratulations, it is fabulous! I love the red crochet button :D

  9. Hi Zura, well done! Lovely choice of fabrics indeed! I'm Alia here in Muscat with the lovely Mayya. I REALLY wanted to make this bag but having been sick and now my boy was in the ER last night with a high fever, well, just did not get to it! So glad you stuck to it and kept going!! It is such a great feeling of accomplishment! Great job!!

  10. Hi Alia! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! :) So sorry to hear about your boy...Hope he will get well soon ya? Perhaps I get the opportunity to sew with you in the next round. Take care!


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