Friday, 13 November 2009

I'm In!! Stash Swap Group 3

I saw the stash swap organised by sweet Hani over at her blog. I missed the first two groups and managed to join the 3rd Group, yeay! I wanted to join the fun so badly, thanks so much Hani for accepting me in this wonderful Stash Swap, you're the best!! :)

I have yet to know my swapping partner, but already planning the stash to prepare for the swap. The requirements include :

1. 10 buttons
2. 3 fat quarters (18"x22")
3. 3 ribbons (1 meter each)
4. 2 pieces of felt (A4 size)
5. A special (suprise) stash

The best part of this swap is definitely #5. I love surprises!! Off to prepare the stash! :D


  1. How wonderful, have fun!

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  2. angie & mayya - it's fun! hopefully one day this could extend to international audience and we'd double the fun! :)

  3. wah! beshnye!! igt nk join tp dh penuh quoata hehe

  4. uik, skin, i tengok kat blog hani group 3 ada kosong lagi..mehlah join the fun! :)


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