Thursday, 11 December 2014

Painted Portrait Blouse by Anna Maria Horner

Few weeks back I made this blouse using the Painted Portrait Blouse by Anna Maria Horner. I have purchased this pattern (paper pattern) few years ago and I finally have the courage to use it. The pattern comes in the brown tissue paper, which is the main reason it takes me so long to use it. I have always had this fear of using tissue patterns but this time I am determined to use up and sew up all the patterns in my stash. I even cut it to my size instead of tracing it (gasp). This means if I ever need to sew this blouse in a different size (who knows I might slim down lol :P) I have to purchase a new one.

I made the blouse in this pretty floral fabric by Joel Dewberry which I love so much. But I did not have enough for the blouse so I used a contrast fabric for the yoke. I am not really loving my choice there but oh well...

Sorry for the crappy phone pics of me modelling the blouse. It turned out really pretty and I am loving this blouse so much! I think how the side panel was designed is genius. There are no side seams, the side panels were attached to the front and back panels instead. This made the blouse curves pretty-ly when its worn. I just love the shaping of the blouse.

The soft gathers in front covers my post 3 babies tummy nicely. I did use a bias tape to finish the neckline as I messed up the yoke facing. I also skipped the back button and the resulting neckline is wide enough for this pullover blouse.

I highly recommend this pattern for Intermediate or Adventurous Beginner sewist. Next time I'd love to try and make the pieced yoke version. I also want to use more lightweight fabrics for sewing my own clothes.

Pattern : Painted Portrait Blouse by Anna Maria Horner
Fabric  : Dainty Daisies in Lavender, Bungalow by Joel Dewberry - quilting weight cotton
Size      : L
Mods   : Bias bound neck, no back closure

Right now I am a busy mama. I am back working full time as my unpaid leave is over. Yep, sewing is back as a part time venture. I am limiting orders to only a few dresses per month but I will make more ready items for my etsy shop. I really want to sew more for myself and my family in the future.

As much as I love the financial freedom from being back on the payroll, my heart breaks every morning as I kiss my baby to go to work :'(    Here's a pic of baby E, he has started walking at 19 months old. For a premature baby, I am just so happy and thankful that he is now healthy and happy! :)


  1. OOO.. patutla ada effect kembang tu.. sebab cantum kat depan ek.. nice kak.. teringinnya la hai nak jahit blouse sendiri.. jahit skirt kembang2.. hihi..

    Baby E dah pandai jalan dah.. pasni ajak mummy gi belajar swimming kat P16 ek.. ;)

    1. Jom laaaa jait cik Zila!! Best la jait baju sendiri, hiburkan hati yg lara kena tinggal baby E gi keja hahah

  2. Your blouse is so beautiful Zura - love the fabrics you have used!!

    1. Hi Kirsten, so happy to see you here! Thank you for your kind compliment! I wish I have enough of the floral print for the whole blouse though :D


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