Sunday, 28 December 2014

My First Magazine Feature 2014 _ Nur Magazine (Karangkraf)

This is a waaayyy overdue post. I was featured in a local magazine in their DIY column for 2 issues in April and May 2014. While I have posted about this on my Instagram and Facebook page, I completely forgot to blog about it.

So here it is. The first was an article about my passion for sewing in Nur Magazine April issue. This is really the highlight of my sewing this year. I remember feeling happy and proud and teary-eyed all at the same time :)

The article is in Bahasa Malaysia, it talks about how I started sewing, my handmade brand, my products among other things. Looking at these pages with my colorful creations on it, just made me feel a tad nostalgic....I wish I can be more productive these days!

This is the cover of May issue of the same magazine. I contributed two tutorials for this issue's DIY column.

The tutorials are for Linen and Lace tissue holder and Kids Apron. The crew came to my house to shoot these tutorials and it was really hard work! It took almost one whole day to finish!

I have another sewing tutorial contribution for a different magazine in January 2015. I will blog about it once I get hold of my copy of that magazine.



  1. wow.. tahniah kak.. so proud of you.. makcik ni pun tumpang bangga.. hihihi... ;)

    semoga tahun2 akan datang lebih banyak magazine features.. nanti bagitau awal sikit.. sempat saya rembat majalah kat kedai mamak tu.. hihihi... ;)

    1. Thanks Zila! Haha ada lagi satu dah keluar bulan ni tapi I belum update lagi nanti tengok ya :D


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