Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sewing for Me - The Josephine Blouse

I am currently in a selfish sewing mode. I share most of it on my Instagram but as I am getting more adventurous and sewing from various patterns, figured I should start blogging about them. Glad I took some time to take some proper photos of this Josephine Blouse I recently made. My girl Aisha was behind the camera and we had fun!

I've purchased this pattern from Rae's shop a long time ago. As usual I buy and I stash - that's my craziness. Now that I have made the Josephine I'm kicking myself for not sewing them earlier. It is an easy sew and I LOVE the result!

I wanted to make the release tucks version after I saw Rae's version here. I have always loved this type of silhouette for my tops/blouses/tunics as it is very forgiving on my had-3-babies-tummy. The fabric print hides the tucks from far so above is the closeup. I stopped sewing the tucks just below the bust and as a result the front flares out a bit.

I made size L of this pattern without modification. The sleeves are at my wrists instead of the sweet bracelet length the pattern comes with. So I will shorten my next one by 1.5 inch. Other than that, I like the length of the blouse itself and the shoulders fit me well. I do feel I want to take in the body at least 1/2 inch next time as I prefer a more fitted look for me to wear as a work blouse.

The elastic at the back cinch the blouse nicely to give it shape. I think I sewed a too narrow casing there I could see the elastic rolling a bit. Note to self, extra attention to the elastic casing next time :P

I also used a bias tape bound finish  to the neckline of this blouse. It's my favorite go to neckline finishes these days as I am just too impatient for other type of closures for my own blouses lol...the neckline is wide enough, just nice for me to pullover when wearing and taking off the blouse.

I love this beautiful cotton print by Amy Butler I chose. But I feel the blouse would look best in a lightweight fabric with more drape. Perhaps I'll make my next one in rayon or voile. I'd love to try the full tucks version and the longer tunic length of this pattern.

Pattern : Josephine Blouse by Made By Rae
Fabric  : Queen Anne's Butterflies in Ruby, Amy Butler Alchemy Collection - quilting weight cotton
Size     : L
Mods   : Release tucks; Bias bound neck

I will be sewing more for myself in the future and blog about them here. Till then, thank you for still reading! ;)


  1. You definitely must keep on sewing! It's lovely. :D

    1. Thank you! Yes I should kan? Am already selecting my next pattern :)

  2. Wow.. cantik kak.. kurus sudah kak zura.. kalau saya kena XL.. dan bukan cotton jua.. kena kain yang flowy2.. nmpk zila kurua sikit.. miahahahaa...

    1. Tq Zila...tapi I kan now ni atas baju boleh pakai L tapi tang perut ke bawah, skirt ke pants ke..kena pakai xl ke atas tau uwaaaaa :'( Harap2 bila dah busy keja nanti turun laaa huhuhu

  3. waaa dah lame tak skodeng blog sis...last, time sis besalin nie baru tgk smula... dah makin pelbagai nampaknye... jelesnye...smua yg sis jahit cantik n menarik sangat... taniah sis

    1. Aww thanks dear :) Alaa akak now jait ikut mood gak ni & lemau betul bab blogging haha...harap pasni semangat datang balik :)


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