Monday, 1 July 2013

Turning A New Page

Yup. I am going through a major change in life at the moment and taking steps to ensure it's going to be a smooth ride.

Other than being occupied with my lil bean, Erfan who's now a little over 2 months old, I am also busy sewing my heart's out to complete this year's Raya orders. These are some completed so far and mama still going strong lol

And the best news came a few days ago : application for unpaid leave was approved. Yes, I am taking couple of years off work to focus on the kids and family. This also means I will work harder on Lovemelots Creations as it is no longer a side job, it is now my only job, a sole source of income for me. Therefore whatever decisions I make for Lovemelots will now be a business decision and a matter of survival :)

I am so excited to venture on a new life without the stress and guilt that comes with having a full time job outside. I know for sure that my heart & soul belongs in this home with my family. Thank you Allah for answering my prayers & for this opportunity to be with my beloved kids everyday...

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