Monday, 17 December 2012

Life Update

It's another long stretch, what else is new?

Well I have a strong reason this time around lol.

I'm pregnant. Yup. Answered prayers and oh so blessed. I could not believe it at first and had to take the test twice! We are beyond happy for the new addition to this little family, alhamdulillah....  :)

So the first trimester was really, really bad for me. Because of the long gaps between children I tend to forget how difficult it can be for me. Sickly & basically zero energy. But, believe it or not I still sew 1 or 2 dresses per week. It's a miracle.

I sneaked some sewing for the little miss too...she's such a spunky 5yo now it's a challenge for us all lol. Nonetheless her personality blossomed from the timid toddler to an outspoken, opinionated little lady.

My sweet Aisha achieved straight As for her UPSR. It was a happy day for the whole big family. It's a first time for both sides of our family (hubby & me) of a child/grandchild in exam year. Aisha was so happy & add to that lots of cash rewards from grandparents, aunts and uncles, we hope it's a great motivator for her to excel further in life :)

I plan to blog more now that I feel better in my 2nd trimester. Just into my 16th week, I have gained so much weight it's just crazy. I have no idea how to control it now that I am extremely hungry ALL the time!

Next up would be a pattern review of a tunic I made for Aisha. And I have so many projects planned for the baby I will blog all about them as I made them.

That's all for now my friends, have a lovely day! :)


  1. Blessings to you! Such lovely children and clothing.

  2. Congratulations. I have been looking at the lovely dresses you make. Such an inspiration for me to keep up with my learning how to sew for my kids. Have a great pregnancy.


  3. Sis Zura.. tahniah... tahniah...

    Aisha.. tahniah..tahniah...tahniah...

  4. Thank you thank you thank you Zila! :)

  5. selalu datang tengok2 blog sis zura...sangat 'merajinkan' saya utk bukak mesin...tahniah for being pregnant again...hopefully its a boy pulak...boleh mama aisya menjahit utk boy lepas ni...tahniah juga utk aisya utk result yg cemerlang

  6. Raona, thank you! Harap2 dapat lah boy sorang sebagai pelengkap keluarga kecik kami ni hehe :)

  7. congrats Zura...wishing you all a Happy and blessed new year

  8. Thank you Nima and same to you! :)

  9. Congratulations!!! Zura, Happy to read this news....
    By the way its been long since I have visited any blogs, lots to catch up. Last two years had been very hectic and important for my elder son, Now he has joined university, and I have quite a bit of free time, so I am back with my sewing and blogging. I really missed it, but you know priorities. Your little girls have grown up. Convey my regards to them.
    Take care....

  10. Preetha, so happy to see you back! And how fast time flies your son is now in uni? Wow! Will visit your blog for more sewing eye candy!


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