Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Sunki Dress for Aisha

I rarely get to sew anything for my sweet Aisha...now that she is 12, she is understandably picky about what she'd like to wear. Luckily when I showed her this pattern few months back she said yes, so I went to work :)

I used the Sunki Dress pattern by Figgy. This pattern only goes up to size 9 and that is how skinny my girl is. It fits her just nice and yes she wore it as tunic with her favourite leggings or skinny jeans.

The pattern itself is fabulous! It's definitely NOT for beginners but using this pattern makes me feel like a real fashion designer lol. It's so modern and hip and fit for the runway. Well maybe not in the print that I made but the design itself - with side pockets, pleated sleeves, overlapped shoulders & facings - indeed is different and fashion forward.

The construction was a challenge but the pattern does come with excellent instructions. I love this design so much I wish Figgy would come up with larger size range for tweens. I still want to sew for my big girl and finding a good pattern that she approves of gets more and more difficult.

All in all, a great pattern and definitely a gratifying sewing project! :)


  1. Thank you Carmina! It's a very modern design, you'll love it! :)

  2. I ove your sunki, i'mgoing to sew this dress for my daughter


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