Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pondok Craft Charity Drive

I just had to squeeze in a few hours to sew up some of these zipper pouches for the back to school charity project organised by Kak Ayu over at Pondok Craft. Zipper pouch is the perfect project for me as I could quickly sew them up, one or two every morning before I leave for class. And a great way to use up my ever growing fabric scraps.

I hope these would brighten up the days of the boys and girls at the orphanage. Wish I could hug each one of them, sending these with thoughts of love and prayers for them.

Meanwhile, I have sent an email to all the participants who signed up for the Crafty Swap, all 30 of you. Thank you so much for joining, I can't wait to see all your wonderful creations. So ladies, let's get sewing! :)


  1. they're so bright & fun, you did a great job. The kids wud so totally love them

  2. Wow!! Zura its lovely and colouful...

  3. Zura, they are really beautiful....

  4. Zura, they are all lovely! The kids are so lucky!

  5. Great job Zura! They all look fantastic. Such a great thing you're doing. If everyone in this world can think like that, a little contribution from everyone can make a very big difference =)

  6. cantik semuanya.. akak guna kain apa as lining ek kak?

    saya dah tgk dah email tentang Crafty swap tu.. tq kak.. (tetiba seram plak nak menjahit utk kawan baru..haha..)

  7. Thank you for the lovely comments friends! I do hope the kids would love them :)


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