Friday, 3 December 2010

My Sweet Aisha Tuns 10!

My darling angel, you turn 10 today.

And look at you, my sweet, sweet love...slowly blooming in front of my eyes, into a beautiful young lady. When I first saw you 10 years ago, I knew you're beautiful, but to see you today, takes my breath away, everytime...

Right now, you (are).... :
....the sweetest girl next have a shy & quiet demeanor, very different from mommy & your vivacious little sister. It's obvious you're taking after Abah, your beloved father :)
....also very sensitive...your eyes swell up in tears whenever mummy or abah give you a pep talk, but you usually try to hide it from me...
....the one your little sister looks up to. The very source of her envy as, being seven years apart, little Hanan obviously wants to be like the wise, big girl, kakak Aisha... the first class at school, as you have been since Standard 1.
....very into crafty stuff - you love felt sewing, art & drawing, handmade greeting cards for your friends, origami, you name it.
....showing interests of being an entrepreneur.  One day, after gifting a handmade felt brooch to your friend, you came home asking my permission to sew more. It turned out your friends placed order of 5 more brooches! reading. Anything from simple Mr Men series, The Magic Kitten to Enid Blyton.
....attend Cambridge Young Learners English language class, once a week
....don't like to wear dresses. Only top/tunic with pants/jeans/leggings or baju kurung. And you're ready to wear tudung soon, bless you...
....still hugs and kisses mummy & abah all the time :)

Aisha Alia, you are the reason I am here, striving, determined to be someone you could turn to when you need me. We've gone through so much together my darling, thank you for staying by my side for the last 10 years and I am hoping for hundreds more years to come. My prayers for your eternal happiness and meaningful life ahead.

Happy birthday sayang...mummy and abah love you so much *hugs & kisses*


  1. happy bday Aishah!have a great life! aminnn.\(^0^)/

  2. a very touching note to Aisya... felt like menitiskan airmata

    Happy birthday to Aisya. Moga Allah panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki, tambahkan keimanan dan membesar menjadi muslimah yg diberkati Allah.

  3. Happy Birthday, Aisha. I wish you many more happy, loving years. But I am sure that will turn out ok, with such a loving mama and papa at your side.

  4. Sounds like she takes after her mother! Happy Birthday !

  5. hi Zura, Thanks for ur lovely comments.
    Happy birthday!! to dear Aisha.
    What a touching note that was Zura, I am sure your daughters are so... proud of their mom.

  6. Selamat Hari Lahir yang ke-10 Aisha.. May Allah bless u always.. Be a good girl to your mummy & abah.. Study smart.. make them proud.. :) *hugs*

  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes unties! *hugs*



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