Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bubble Skirt and A Pause

Hello lovelies, how are you today? Beautiful as always I hope :)

I can't get any sewing done this week as I have an upcoming Marketing Management mid-term exam this Thursday. The worst thing is, earlier on Tuesday, I have to present our (virtual) company's business plan to potential investors for funding. Oh, did I mention that I have already setup a business to run in my experiential business training? It's a trading business, we're running it in a group. I was elected CEO and now having a tough time preparing all the financial forecasts! But I am learning, and I could feel myself absorbing everything like a hungry sponge. I am thriving on pure adrenaline here, bring it on!

Ok, back to sewing. I mentioned in previous post I made a skirt for Hanan, which was weeks ago. Well, it's a design I've wanted to try for quite sometime and when my girls begged for skirts I took time out to sew a quick one for the little miss. It's a bubble skirt! The fabric is an arty Bird on Limb from Bari J's Art Journal collection. Super beautiful print, and I have this thing for prints that looks like painting. The pattern is from Nat & Jenny on etsy. I have one caution if you are attempting anything bubbly soon, pay attention to the fabric print direction! You don't want to learn the hard way like I did, had to rip some major seams there when I realized the print went upside down lol...

This bubble skirt has a dropped yoke, so it falls a little below the knees and I think it's so cute on a toddler. Lil Hanan was of course very happy, been wearing this skirt every other day now. It's heartwarming to see my little girl asking for mommy made clothing to wear every time after her bath. I'm one happy momma (and a busy one too lol).

So, I will get back to serious studying business now.  Already scheduled to continue sewing after the exam as I am down to a few last custom orders for the year. Thank you for reading friends, have a crafty, happy weekend! *hugs*


  1. Zura, I love the bubble skirt! it’s been in my list of things to make forever! Thought of waiting Arwen to grow up a little bit so I can make one for her but I don’t think I can wait!

  2. Rozi- Comel kan? Arwen would look so darling in this!

  3. Your little girl is precious. So cute how she loves wear mama made clothes. Can't wait to have a little girl of my own so I can dress her up too =) Goodluck with you exam

  4. lovely skirt !! Zura..... As usual lovely fabric too.

  5. dear zura, the buble skirt is so pwetty... I am always amazed that u can come up with so MANY beautiful projects, with ur study and family lagi..

  6. MisPIGgii - Thank you Lisa! Oooh I pray you'll have a little girl to sew for soon! You'll be totally inspired by her :)

    Preeta - thanks preet! :)

    faizlily - thanks so much dear...I am sometimes a bunch of nerves, but somehow sewing lessen the stress and made me happy so I just sew a few stitshes in the few free hours I have for myself :)

  7. pretty skirt.. cute hanan.. :)
    haritu tgk dalam buku Kak Rozi, mmg berkenan.. :)

  8. ops.. lupa.. good luck Puan CEO on your business.. :D

  9. lovely skirt... mesti hanan suka pusing2 bg skirt tuh kembang kan hihihi..

    Next time Madam CEO should asked your CFO to do the Financial Forecasting... CEO komen jerrrr hihihi

  10. comelnya..dua orang model tu pun kiut..


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