Monday, 15 November 2010

Experiential Learning

Thank you friends for the wonderful advice and insights in my previous post. I made the decision to temporarily close new custom order at least for this semester. I will complete all orders I have committed to before this and what left of my time would go to my studies and family. I also would like to sew more for myself, without the pressure of on time completion lol

Speaking of experiential learning, life itself is exactly that. We grow from our daily doings and learn from our mistakes along the way. But, formal learning is a bit different in a sense that it is guided, meant to achieve a certain set of learning objectives. This semester I am undergoing an experiential business training program organised by the university with an International consultant. Just 30 of us, together in a group, going to work in  Jalan Ampang, every Monday & Tuesday, for 12 weeks! The CEO is a Londoner, with 3 locals in the top management. And yes, I am taking the train to work gosh...I've never done that and I totally NOT liking it :(

I am only in my 2nd week there. We are right now employees of a company. Next 2 weeks we are expected to set up and run our own business, in simulation. This program is running concurrent in 42 countries and we are expected to do international trade. It's very, very exciting for me as I learn the proper document flow in a business. The important lesson I've learned so far : What is the main reason majority of new businesses fail? 2 things : No proper document (recordkeeping) & poor cash flow management!

Sounds like a no brainer but you'd be surprised to know that so many businesses are doing it. This applies to ALL business, even if you are operating a small scale, homebased craft/sewing business, these 2 are a MUST.

Ok, gotta go run my virtual business now. I will write more of what I learned in upcoming posts. If  you're bored with all that biz talk, more eye candy for you! I sewed these for the Eiduladha orders. Have a beautiful days ladies!

Selamat Meanyambut Hari Raya Korban kepada semua pembaca Muslim :)


  1. love to hear more on ur biz talk.. do share ok

  2. wow.. a real business world.. maybe satu hari nanti kita akan berada di situ.. siapa tahu kan..kan..kan..

    dulu time keje company/kilang, mmg byk involve dalam documentation, cash flow etc.. mmg penting.. mmg diakui penting.. especially bila audit dtg... hehehe...

    best la puan dpt bljr balik...

  3. wow, that sounds like a great class! Have fun learning, I'm sure you're going to learn heaps of great stuff.

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  5. thanks for the 'free' tutorial about biz! especially for me yang baru nak belajar bisnes online.

    p/s: good luck with your 'school' project!

  6. This should be interesting Zura and i would love for you to share all the biz talk!

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family my next eid will be in Malaysia in sha Allah

  7. cant wait to hear more.. keep us posted (whenever you can) on your training..

    I love the 4th dress.. the pale pink fabric is gorgeous, and I love the pattern.. sweet..

  8. The fourth dress is my fave! Getting caught up may help you to make decisions better. That's the nice thing about sewing by order, you can stop taking new orders anytime you want. Much different than being in retail. You business info is most intriguing!

  9. hi zura. do keep writing about least i can learn something from it and i certainly love all ur posts n ur handmade creations. keep doing the great job for this semester. good luck.

  10. love learning about business here.. all d dresses are beautiful.
    Slamat Hari Raya!

  11. K.Zura, I love hearing about your masters programme!! and anything to do with entrepreneurship. More biz tips please!! Maybe I should consider doing a MBA..hmm..

  12. Oh Zura, I can totally understand what you mean about wanting to sew more for yourself without the pressure of time lines. I LOVE getting orders, but sometimes it doesn't feel as fun as when I'm just making something to make it or to try something new. However, we NEED the money right now so I hope to get more business. Your class at school sounds challenging and exciting. Good for you girl! Love your new dresses, especially the one in the lower right hand corner. Did you use a pattern for that one?

  13. Thank you friends for such wonderful comments! I was so caught up last week I could not reply to each comment, but I really appreciate you dropping by.

    Will write more about business soon & I seen that many love the pink dress, I hear you! I LOVE the pattern. I will blog about that pattern soonest.



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