Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ruffle Pants & Dresses To Tame My Fear of The Finals

I tell myself I have to post one last entry before I go on a 2 weeks hiatus as my final exam is approaching. I can't believe how fast time flies, I felt like just yesterday I enrolled for my MBA and in a week time, my fate for this semester will be sealed! Pheww...a part of me is actually glad that 4 subjects is over and done with as I know I can only strive ahead, no point looking back lol
I sewed this simple ruffle pants for little miss Hanan. She is SO in love with the pants mainly because I used this cute MM print.....and until today, she still calls hearts "Losh" a.k.a Love :D 

This one is a simple dress I made as a birthday gift for my little neighbor, baby Rania, who's celebrating her 1st birthday today. I wish I could get a photo of her in it. She's the cutest, cheekiest little princess!

And these are an assorted of pretty dresses ordered by a lovely customer, Sham. Hope you like them dear and thank you for your order :)

Last, but not least, a note to you who might wonder how do I manage all these? Motherhood, sewing and studying? Honestly, I have no idea lol! I'd be lying if I say it's all a piece of cake. No way! The stress overwhelms me at times. But I try to take it easy...I tell myself I'm studying to learn new things everyday, not to push for straight A's. I already have a good, steady job, an MBA is definitely a confidence booster but in my line of work, it is not a tool to climb the "corporate" ladder (you see, I am not working in a corporation lol). 
At the end of the day, as I always confided to hubby, I wanna prove to my little girls that if mommy can do it, they can too! :)

So next 2 weeks I'll be sitting for my final exams four papers - Managerial Economics, Operations Management, Accounting for Decision Makers and Organisational Behavior. Tsk. I am actually not good with exams. I wish the whole program is based on Case Studies or Presentations. Now, that is where I can excel, I love presentations believe it or not.

Ok gotta go drown myself in books. Not a stitch till the exam is over.

Pray for my success my friends? Thank you :)


  1. all the best with your exam..
    and lil Hannan looks soo happy in her ruffled pants.. the tops and dresses are soo sweet.. i love your fabric selection and colour combination..

  2. all the best Zura... i know how u feel, in my case i'm doing my master part time, instead of sewing my 'other' time is spent on working at the office/going to site... i hope both of us doing well this sem... being my final sem - strugling to finish my thesis... good luck again

  3. good luck zura,
    sure you can!
    i'm thinking of doing eMBA for a few years now but still have not guts to actually do it. Without MBA i'm already struggling..hehe..

    salute to you and other moms out there who can manage it all.

  4. Thank you friends for the encouragement! Praying hard the first semester result will be good enough for me to keep the excitement going :)

  5. Adorable! You're so talented. Good luck with everything!

  6. Good Luck!
    And continue making such beautiful things!

  7. lovely pants and cute little dress.

    i missed visiting your blog while was great to see all your lovemelots dresses again

  8. Katie - thank you my friend! :)

    Barbara - I will! Thank you! :)

    Nima - So happy to see you're back Nima! *hugs*


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