Sunday, 10 October 2010

Domestic Diva - 10.10.10

A very dear friend of mine came to the house for Eid and saw this Domestic Diva panel and fell head over heels in love with it. I can totally understand the feeling lol...This gorgeous line by Emily Taylor is everything retro & domestic & so much more that only a woman would appreciate.

So I was pleasantly surprised when she called last week asking me to make something simple using the panel as a birthday gift for her mom, which coincidentally falls on 10th of October. Today, 10.10.10, only happens once in a lifetime she said. 

I kept it simple. As she wanted the whole panel, I just used the whole cut + a stripey backing + polkadot binding. I then simply quilted the panel print squares using for the first time my walking foot.

I really am a novice quilter. And my machine, oh's just not made for quilting I guess. Very small arm and narrow space to work the bulky quilt sandwich through. Took some muscling around to quilt the whole squares.

Am not sure how she'd use it though, perhaps as a wall hanging? I really hope she likes it anyway. Personally, I love the colors, brown, green and red, such strong retro vibes!


  1. Love it!. I wish i had one for my dearie son ( the suitable design). as a wall hanging for his bedroom. :D

  2. Comel kan Lyn? A cute nursery themed panel would be great for a baby boy room :)

  3. How utterly charmimg Zura. You're last bunch of blogs have been so much FUN and inspirational. I've made the purse ( for me) , the little girl dress, I wish I could do this. I LOVE retro.
    Keep it up, talented Zura!

  4. I am also a real 'dum dum' when it comes to quilting and photos.

    Zura, What are those panels? Seperate flannel ones with that lady on it? Where did you get that?
    The trim?
    See? Dum-Dum! :-)

  5. What fun fabric! And I didn't have the chance to say how cute your daughter's sewing was. I really love young kids' projects! They always look so warm!

  6. cantiknya akak...
    jatuh hati pada mainan warna ni..


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