Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hanan's First Drawing!

Hye! I survived my final exam pheww! Now am recuperating from all those sleepless nights, when I practically abused my poor body with too much coffee lol

And look at what we discovered last night? Hanan's very own first drawing! If you wonder, they are stick figures of our family, dad, mom, big sis Aisha & little Hanan :D 

We were so amazed with this coz Hanan had never drawn before, only doodles. But this time, each figure is drawn the same way, like there's a system: two round eyes, a mouth, two long legs and hands wide open! Exactly the same way, very confidently drawn & she only varies the height of the little people.

The little miss in action. And it is now confirmed that both my girls are left-handed...You see, hubby and me are not, but both my parents are left-handed. This means that this trait actually skipped a generation :)

Just so that I won't leave you without a sewing related stuff, this is a simple long sleeve top I sewed for Aisha before we go to the library, to study, last week. Yup, this time both mother and daughter were having final exams in the same week, you could just imagine the stress level in the house lol. This photos were taken very early in the morning, and my lovely Aisha still looks sleepy with eye-bags and all...she studied so, so hard, I pray for her success, as always...


  1. Hi Zura ...

    Wahh bestnya nak habih exam ... boleh golek2 baring2 atas rumput menari dengan sari ... best kan !

    Hanan .. looks like she has her own strokes ... ada jalan ke seni tu !


  2. wow..i'm amazed at her drawing..her first masterpiece..mmg nampak berbakat. Dan left handed..confirm berdarah seni :)

  3. Hanan's drawing is grand! I love the simplicity of kids drawings. My daughter is left handed too, I was trying to help her cut something the other day, so hard for a right handed mama to teach a lefty how to use the scissors!

    As for exams, I'm sure you did great. The hardest part will be becoming less dependant on caffeine now!

  4. Kak Ann - Hye!! Lama tak borak ngan kak ann eheheh...a-ah exactly how I feel...nak golek2 atas rumput pakai sari for Hanan, amin...both my girls nampaknya loves drawing & colouring..especially Aisha, adiknyer ni baru nak ikut kakak dia :)

    Suzi - thanks babe! betul ke left handed cenderung seni ya? I'm happy! :)

    B - Oh thank you B!Its true! It was difficult for me when Aisha was small too, but she managed to figure out everything on her own now. Hanan is lucky she has a lefty big sister to guide her. And yes, I need a detox or something to cleanse my body off caffeine lol

  5. lovely aisha.. mcm anak dara pingitan gitu.. ada bunga kat telinga hihihi

  6. Mila - adik petik bunga siap bg kat kakak Aisha suruh pakai..layankan jer hehe

  7. Alahai Hanan comel... pandainya melukis.. abang daniel pun tak pandai buat orang lidi.. dia cuma pandai lukis muka.. hehehe..

    Puan, Aisha darjah berapa? nasib baik exam serentak, stress sekali je. kalo exam beza masa, kena stress 2 kali.. (haha.. trying to look at the bright side nih...)

    Puan Zura, results exam dah kuar blom? hehehe.. ;)

  8. Zila - panggil kak zura je ya dear? :) Huhu...seriau bila pikir result huhu...kelas dah nak mula balik 8hb Nov, meaning esok lusa keluar la result yg ditunggu..uwaaa..taknak pikir...takottt... :P


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