Monday, 6 September 2010

Raya Sewing 2010 Portfolio - Part 2

Cute grow-with-me Play Dresses, size 4T, ordered by Ida. LOVE them!

Thank you Ida, they are on their way :)


  1. super duper cute..
    mmg pandai lah u match the fabric.. kalau saya jenuh pikir nak match yg mana satu.. last yg dpilih nampak kureng cantik plak dimata hahaha.. thats me, selalu tak puas hati dengan kerja sendiri.

  2. Mila, thank you! Tapi kan I nak boleh ke decide kain mana nak matching amik masa setengah hari eheheh....

  3. Hi Zura,

    Really love the fabric from Dena Design. The dresses look so gorgeous!. May I know the fabric for the lengan for first dress? The combination is so awesome! Love it!

  4. Hi Melli! Thank you for your lovely comment :) If I'm not mistaken, the sleeves is also a stripe by Dena from her earlier Monaco line.


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