Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Raya Sewing 2010 Portfolio - Part 3

The cutest of all my Raya sewing this year gotta be for Yus's order. I mean how can it not be cute when the recipient is a pretty little princess? It's obvious how the parents are so in love with their new baby girl. Congratulations Yus!

My favorite is this one. I especially love the fabric. Isn't it the cutest? All those happy girls tossing around? Girls always have more fun! The sleeves and bottom band are made from border fabric from the same collection.

And more cuteness for the little princess! All fabric combos were picked by Yus herself from my flickr fabric stash. I must say she has great eyes for colors. Thank you Yus for your order and here hoping you'll love them as much as I do when the parcel arrives today :)


  1. i suka sgt tgk yg amy butler tu..sweeeeeetnya

  2. love that comel green yg last tu, and suits the pattern too

  3. Salam Zura.

    Got all those dresses. Love it all to the max. I suka coz all those cottons turn out exactly in your stach. My Hubby osonl loves it, even the Nenek and Uncles and Aunty too. We love the colors and designs. Cantik la.

    Ooo the best part of all, Hubby said he wants you to be the official tailor for our princess, sampai la besar nanti katanya. He knew I am very fusy like him and he loves all the dresses.

    Thanks again and InsyALLAH we will keep on touch.

  4. Your dresses are beautiful, I love color and style?!

    Very good.

  5. Iman - suzie, I love it too! Cute kan?

    Princess Closet - kak azidah, that print is super cute for kids, so adorable!

    Yus - Oh my...THANK YOU so much for your kind words...it really means a lot to me! I'm so happy the whole family loves them & I'm sure the little princess will be the star this raya, all decked out! Please do come again ya Yus? Take care! :)

    CriCri - Hi Cristina! Thank you for dropping by and the lovely comment! :)


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