Sunday, 5 September 2010

Raya Sewing 2010 Portfolio - Part 1

It's only a few days left before the Eid celebration, and I'm down to the last two of this year's order. I am recording them for future reference. I had so much fun sewing but the pressure of a dateline kept me on my toes!  Add to the fact that this year's Ramadhan coincides with my Mid-Term Exam. I guess the holy month really is a blessing. I somehow found the  strength to keep calm and complete everything. Let's just say I did what I can and pray for the best :D

These are all Kak Farhana's order. A variety of designs for the very lucky 2, 6, and 9 yo. Love them, I wish I could see the girls wearing them :)

Part 2 coming soon, till then, have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Ma Sha Allah they are beautiful Zura so glad to know that you managed to get things done..i dont know how you do it you will have to let me in on your secret.

  2. Thank you Mayya! Perhaps the secret is constant worrying that I could not finish on time lol...I'm the early morning type though, a light sleeper..usually I wake up at 3-4 am and sew. I work better in the morning :)

  3. Do let us know how you did on your midterm will you? I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    As for your dresses, they are gorgeous! Those lucky girls are going to be in love with them when they get them.

  4. Hello
    I really admire that you wake up at 3-4am to sew, but I understand that once you have the drive, you just want to finish your projects!I feel the same way too...

    Love the print combination and style of your dresses..where can you find polka dot cotton at good prices?

  5. B - thank you! I hope they like 'em and most importantly they fit. My mid term exam? Oh well I'm praying hard I won't flunk anything, really bad karma lol

    maya - a-ah comel kan? size paling besar tu 9 tahun :)

    Sertyan - thank you! locally Kamdar chains have quite a good selection of polkadots cotton :)


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