Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lazy Sewing For The Home

I rarely sew for my home. Main reason - not my property. I will only go crazy with decorating when we move to our own permanent home, which only God knows when. Right now I'm saving whatever amount of money I have left after buying fabrics (lol) for a furniture and decorating spree once we moved.

Still, it's Eid, and families and friends are going to visit us. Hubby hinted a few times for me to do something with our tables. They are either covered in hideous, old cloth or just plain naked. I relented after he promised not to say anything about our curtains lol.

So the above is just a simple spread of Amy Butler home decor fabric. The lazy sewer here just serged, turned and hemmed the four sides. I used the whole 2 yards in my stash. I wanna keep it simple, let the print shine in its own splendor.

The naked, cheapo coffe table got dressed in another AB Love home decor print. I only have half yard, but wanted it reversible, so I sewed that IKEA fabric you see peeking, right side together, turned it inside out, top stitched all around and wallah! New table runner-ish kind a thing in my living room :)

The glass jars housed 6 different types of biskut raya (festive cookies). Nope, if you come visit that is NOT all that will be served, I promise :P

Speaking of IKEA, our recent trip got one little girl very, very happy :D


  1. Adoyai!!! Hari raya with Amy butler tuh. Tokey kain boleh ler..hehehe..
    Cantik babe!

  2. So drooling over your table spread!

  3. nampak meriah gitu..

    that lil girl is so well organised.. if my girl.. hemmm segala benda nak letak atas meja.. last2 jatuh bawah meja... last sekali bersepah merata huuhu geram


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