Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LoveMeLots Babies!

My niece, Asma Widad, in Lovemelots Bella dress. Super cute!

Little princesses in LoveMeLots Dresses.
Thank you to the proud mommas, Feena and Yus for the pretty pics, they are simply adorable!

Featuring these made my day and motivates me to create. More will come from LoveMeLots Creations in months ahead. In between, I have many projects planned for this blog to make things a little bit more interesting for you, lovely readers and hopefully inspiring you too. Stay tuned!

Till then, have a beautiful day!


  1. cute, cute, super cute! both dressess & the babies!

  2. So cute! Did you use the Leila and Ben pattern for the first dress?

  3. dura - thanks babe! the babies made them much more adorable!

    Katie - thanks Katie! nope I used the Bella dress pattern by Tiedyediva :)


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