Sunday, 29 August 2010

I'm Still Here!

Yup, still alive...only extremely busy...just a quick update to keep this blog alive. I think I can only be back to my old craft blogger self after the Eid celebration.

Here are a few items I finished in between sewing custom order dresses. These were ordered way before the dresses, thank God I managed.

I love this Curvy Clutch ordered by Yana. Just the right size for all the girly necessities. Pattern by Keykalou.
And more Camera Straps Slipcovers, absolute eye candy :)

That's all for now, I will soon post some dress pictures, they are all so darling.

Thank you for dropping by friends, take care! :)


  1. zura,
    kalau u ada ambik order utk blackberry bold case, i nak order :).

    p/s nak gak simpan satu jenama lovemelots..nak girl dress x boleh lagi

  2. suzie - Insya Allah lepas raya ya babe? nanti kita email ya? thank you :)

  3. Love that clutch, the fabric is the best. Aren't Keykalou patterns awesome? You totally do it justice and than some!

  4. salam...
    i berminat nak beli camera straps slipcover..yg kanan sekali.still available?tq

  5. Love the little make up bag!! Everything you make is so fab! So we're here in AZ, no thanks to the hurricane in PR. Our flight got canceled so we made it a day late. Everything is still packed in bins, I don't know where anything is. It will be awhile before things feel normal and organized!


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