Friday, 20 August 2010

Experiments, Experiments - Garden Dress & Top

I just LOVE shirring! It's like an instant design booster technique, giving an ordinary looking garment a new facelift. These are made from a basic peasant dress pattern ( I used Leila & Ben's), shirred on the sleeves and neck and an inch below the arms for a romantic look.

They are actually for Raya (Eid festival) this September, but both my girls pleaded to wear them for an Iftar (breaking of fast) at my parents' few days back. Of course I had to take photos when they are fresh out of the shower with wet hair and all LOL

Aisha does not want to wear dresses anymore, so a Victorian inspired top for her. I lengthen the sleeves to make it 3/4 length. She loves it with her leggings. 

I, on the other hand, am constantly worried that Aisha is so thin though. She's the picky eater and just don't have a big appetite. Perhaps its genetic (the women on hubby's family side are all slim and slender, I envy them :P), but I wish she's not so skinny....

The little miss of course had to have her Pinchess dress, and she calls this one Baju Itam (Black Dress) lol.

I also experimented with rolled hem on the sleeves and neck. Perfect.

I am currently super duper busy getting orders ready before Raya and Mid Term Exam is coming up too.

Buckle up Zura, wooosh, sewing away!


  1. Aisya dress tu.. so adorable.. lengan kembang gitu.. shocking pink legging lg.. cantik2

  2. i pun suka shirring ;) mostly buat shirred sun dress for sales

    ada fabric giveaway at my blog

  3. WOW!!Cute Cute!One for the girls, one for the dresses.

  4. Wow very clever Zura , nice. Don't worry bout Aisha , I was like that too, believe me when she's a lady everyone will be so jealous that she doesn't need to diet :-)

  5. I love both dresses - super duper sweet..!!
    I think as long as Aisha eats a well balanced diet, it would be no problem even if she is thin..
    Happy sewing and all the best with your coming exam..!!

  6. love it....cantik sesangat..
    sy pun tgk wat lebih kurg camni gak blous tu girl sy..
    so..nk tanya..kt bahagaian leher tu akak jahit dlm 5mm ke sbelum lubang getah tu..nk bg nmpk mcm tu..?

  7. oooo..camtu ye..
    thanks top sy nk wat camtu gakla nmpk cantik sgt..
    blous yg sy bt br2 dah jahit 5mm menarik la klu tgk kt lehernya..
    thanks again akak..

  8. I love this! And I envy your attitude towards shirring! Maybe I just need to try a second time... It's been a disaster on the shirring front ;( so it's great to hear you being so positive about it! Great job!

  9. Lovely dresses Zura, great fabric combo.


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