Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bella Baby Dress

This sweet baby dress is custom order by a lovely new mom, Feena. At a teeny tiny size of 3-6 months, the dress is such a cute little thing, I can't help smiling when I look at it. It is yet to meet its little owner as I have 1 more dress to sew for her.

This Bella Baby Dress is designed by Tiedyediva & Monkeysbug, I love it! The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the result is stunning. The bias tape trim makes all the difference, totally worth all the sweaty ironing.

Another feature I added as per customer request is the bow sash. The designer, Jen, was so helpful when I asked about adding the sash to the pattern. I am very satisfied with the result.

I hope this special dress will fit the little princess I sewed it for. To me, every little garment I sewed with my two hands is special and I could feel the love flowing into my work. I might not be the most professional of a sewer but sewing little girl dresses really, truly makes me happy.

Today, I am delivering my last lecture at work, before I begin a new life as a full time MBA student next week. The farewell luch organised by my colleagues at work was fun and heartwarming. I'm eager to begin yet another phase of my life, with lots more to come for Lovemelots Creations. I have something brewing in here, in my little studio. Stay tuned! :)


  1. Oh. my. goodness. That is simply darling! I can't stop staring at it.

  2. this is super kawaiii!!! i think the dress will get more attention than the lil girl wearing it :D

    I'm just wondering bout the bow sash at the back, it def. adds to the yummi-ness of the whole dress, but being 3-6mo, the baby will probably be on her back mostly, and having a bow sash throbing behind you might not be much fun..

  3. B - it is darling ya? everytime i look at it I fell in love all over again :)

    sue - oh ya, come to think of it that's true! but the mama request for the ties. I know the best solution to that, the sash can always be tied in front when baby has lying down time, yeay! :)

  4. That dress turned out lovely. I am also a fan of Jen and Kate and Tiedyediva/Monkeysbug Designs. Love their patterns!

  5. super eye candy! I am definitely sure the mommmy will be ordering lots more from you :) Hmmm buat MBA make sure you study kay.

  6. kathy - Thank you. Ah yes I saw your cute little one on the Facebook group posts in that pretty pink dress you sew, so cute!

    rimbun - thank you rimbun! :)

    kak azidah - ahak tok guru dah warning tu...baik! ermm...bstudy, study jugak kak, tapi jait tetap menjadi pujaan hatiku eheheheh...

  7. what a cute dress!! if i am to sew that teeny tiny size of dress, i swear i must be sweating a bucket!! hahaa

    p/s: good luck in your study, zura ^_^

  8. mis - thank you! haha..same here! the most challenging part is sewing elastic into that teeny tiny sleeves...phewww!

  9. so pretty!! I love the colors you used, looks like a dress to fit a little princss!
    and good luck yo you!

  10. Such a sweetie dress, the sash is such a perfect addition. I cannot wait to see what you have brewing girl! I know it will be good!

  11. this is so sweet and cute .. i can already imagine how adorable the baby would look in it !!! and hope the mother wont mind you featuring the photo of her baby in that dress in ur blog


  12. it was so cute and nice combination colours!

  13. Zura you are the sweetest and I can't wait to see what you make ..I'll be watching. Jennifer

  14. Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form ( thanks, Josh

  15. nape cantik sgt neh!
    geramnya tengok.
    tgk pun dah hepi, kalau jahit apatah lagi kan?
    kalau sy ada anak pompuan sy rasa nak je menempah (zura tlg ingatkan i kalau betul2 i ada anak pompuan, serius ni)

  16. Bu,

    Can you sew me a sleeping eye mask/ shade? I leave it to you on the fabric. Send me the bill eh. XOXO Eza

  17. Oh ...My...that looks pretty and cute and awesome are a professional...

    Lovely fabric too.

  18. salam zura.. lama tak komen.. :-)
    this dress is indeed sooo yummylicious. rasa nak menjahit baju balik pulak.. hehe.
    anyway good luck in your studies (hehe.. mcm baru masuk sekolah pulak)

  19. Hello again! I've been away and it's so greta to come back and visit your beautiful creations! I saw it was your birthday a couple of weeks ago. I'm sorry I missed it! But Happy Birthday anyway, a bit late....! I wish I was still 34!

  20. hi kak zura..
    saya nubie nak jadi sewer ni..uhuhu.. sgt mau tunjuk ajar..
    can u help me please.. camner nak buat pattern,,ape step..sgt envy your craftmanship...
    b my sifu can haaa?


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