Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Little Cupcake - Itty Bitty Dress for Baby Widad

Yeay I managed to finish one rushed project, an Itty Bitty Dress, in My Little Cupcake print. As you can see, it is meant to be saccharine sweet coz it's a gift for my little niece Widad! We're going back to Kota Bharu tomorrow for a much needed break with my in laws. I so looking forward to finally meeting my new niece and wanted to make a special dress for her, so I cut & sew this in just one night!

I used the popular Itty Bitty Dress pattern by Made by Rae. As mentioned in her blog the pattern is really small, more suitable for preemies. I added half inch to it, praying it would fit baby Widad. I changed a few things to suit what notions I have in stash.

I sewed in a Fuchsia Laced Bias Tape I purchased from Holland instead of the piping called for in the instruction. Mainly because I don't have cotton piping and making one at 12 midnite is just too daunting for me. I think it's cute, don't you think so too?

I also opted to add a bottom band for contrast instead of the bias tape because again too lazy to cut small bias strips to make one myself lol. I just cut 3 inches wide fabric the same length of the skirt, folded it to make a double fold bottom band and attached it to the skirt, easy peasy.

Can't wait to put this on baby Widad, will take pictures of her in it I promise. I'll be in Kelantan till Sunday so no sewing till next week. Which worries me coz my work-in-progress is building up on me. Here's a sneak peek of what I'm up too :

Phewwww! Till later friends, have a great day! :)


  1. wow...cute little dress...i love it...i was missing this for few days....can't wait to see your new creations.

  2. welcome back.. the dress is very cute.. hope it fits your niece.. have a great hols with your family!!

  3. suka baca yr entry..sbb selalu aje projek2 u buat sama mcm yg i terpk nak buat. Bezanya i x buat2 sampai ke sudah..hehe..

    2 hari lepas i duk pilih2 kain nak jahit itty bitty ni

  4. michal - thank you! it is, indeed adorable ya? :)

    nima - thank you! I wish I can create more in what little spare time I have :)

    sue - thank you my friend! my niece is fast approaching 2 moths old and we've yet to meet her..sigh..the bane of working parents!

    IMAN - thanks suzie! samalah kiter...I dah berzaman nak jait itty bitty ni tak penah nyer jadi until today huhu...tak sabar nak tengok u punya jait cepat babe! :)

  5. jeles akak tau zura... zura sentiasa ada nice cute project done walaupun sibuk kerja.. anak kecik lagi... bukan macam akak ni.. anak2 dah remaja pun tak de masa nak siap kan projek2 terbengkalai... itu kemalasan namanya hihihi..

  6. Dear Zura,..cute dress. Just love your beautiful fabric collection.

  7. Hi from Chicago!
    Great dress. I agree about the piping. The trim is cuter anyway. LOL!. I LOVE the hem. Good thinking out of the box. There is a trend of mismatched
    2-3" hems on our little ones clothes. It's great. We can recycle all our bits of fabric.

  8. kak ain - thank you kak! alah..zura pun sama kak kenkadang tu kemalasan melanda walaupun dalam planning banyak yang nak dijahit. lagi haru kalau time tempahan banyak angin M melanda huhu

    kak hanim - thank you! i've been keeping that cute fabric for so long,finally the perfect project to use it :)

    Mikhaila - Oh hi Mikhaila! Wow, thank you for dropping by, how sweet of you! Yup agree that contrasting trims is a good stash/scrap buster :)

  9. cutenyew!!!! fabric cute mcm tu nk beli kat mane? mahal tak?


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