Thursday, 10 June 2010

Introducing My New Niece - Asma Widad

I'm totally smitten! She's adorable and so full of life! This one will not stop wiggling and at just over 2 months old already showing signs of turning over.

Here she is in her auntie's creation, the Little Cupcake Dress. It fits her just nice, I hope its still wearable for the upcoming Eid. The booties I made for her before also fits her well. Too cute!!!

By the way my nephews & niece call me Mami Zura hahaha....yup, not auntie, not Mommy, but Mami Zura lol

Don't you just love babies? They make you smile and grin and laugh and forget about life's suffering. Such precious gift of God, to remind us adults how we're all born to bring happiness into this world. Baby Widad is so special because she was a much awaited baby for my beloved sister in law (hubby's younger sister) for so many years. I wish her all the happiness and joy and the blessing of a good life surrounded by much love from all of us.

I'm so happy to finally meet her. Yet another reason to sew tiny sized dresses for. We'll be back to Putrajaya on Sunday when I can resume sewing. Till then! :)

Hugs and Kisses,
Mami Zura


  1. Doesn't that dress just look so adorable, cute and perfect on that pretty little girl! Gosh it's a cute print and pattern. So sweet!

  2. She looks cute, and your dress is lovely!
    She's lucky to have a sweet mami like you.

  3. how wonderful!! the dress fits perfectly and baby Widad is such a cuti pie.. is that the quilt mami Zura made ealier??
    hope you had a wonderful family get safe back home!!

  4. Yes I do love babies! She is SO sweet and look how alert she is! Great job on the sweetie dress, booties and I assume the pretty quilt too.

  5. She is beautiful!!! (and so is your dress, of course!)

  6. Barbara - thank you! yes it fits her perfectly but we have trouble taking it off her as she kept extending her hands! in the end I just pulled the dress off from the bottom instead of the usual way lol

    Peach Rainbow - oh thank you! i've been yearning to sew for smaller babies, she comes at the right time :)

    Sue MyBotang - Thank you sue! A-ah the baby quilt I made before she was born. It's comfy and surprisingly not crinkled after washing. But I think the batting I used is too thin, have to opt for a higher loft next time :)

    Jenny - thanks Jenny! yes indeed, she is a very alert baby! she's like eagerly watching and cooing at every moving object. she'll grow up to one smart young lady this one :)

    Celtic Clan Momma - oh thank you for dropping by and the lovely comment :)

  7. glad you're back safe dear. I think you may need to make her another cute dress for eid, she looks like a big one, happy sewing.

  8. Ma sha Allah Widad looks so pretty that dress was defintely meant for her..
    She is adoreable xxx

  9. wow...the dress is perfect for the little one...looks very cute

  10. Kak Azidah - yup how fast she grows! perhaps 1 more dress for Eid hehe

    Mayya - thank you Mayya, she is such a cutie!

    Nima - thank you nima! :)

  11. Oh, what a perfect dress for the lil cupcake. so sweet!


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