Saturday, 5 June 2010

Umrah & Ziarah 2010 - The Journey

Hye! I'm back from my spiritual journey to Eqypt and Saudi Arabia. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience, my first Umrah. Despite the worry of leaving my girls for 2 weeks, I still love the enriching experience, the spiritual revival and the chance to get a closer look at historic places that growing up I could only listen to the stories. The most rewarding journey ever, no wonder our religion highly encourage us to travel, Subhanallah...

So I share here a few pics from my journey before we go back to my sewing posts. Honestly I'm still revving up my engine sewing wise lol...

We were in Cairo, Egypt for 4 days, with a day trip to coastal city Alexandria. The lifestyle in Egypt is somehow similar to Malaysia. I could totally live in Alexandria, what a beautiful city by the Mediterranean Sea! It was awesome of course visiting the Pyramids but the weather was scorching hot and we had to wear masks to block the dusty desert wind. Then we move to Saudi Arabia for the rest of the journey. I don't have many photos at Madinah and Makkah mainly because camera is prohibited in Masjidil Haram. I have some in my mobile phone though :) 

I leave you with the pics till next post. Enjoy! :)

Mom, dad and grandma.

On the River Nile

The street market by the Mediterranean Sea and a citadel.

Sayyidina Hussein Mosque
My dad in profile, at the Red Sea. He looks so happy :)

I love my dad...Isn't he handsome? :D

And this is ME!  Hahaha...I caught you by surprise right?
I decided to post a picture of me here so that if by chance you meet me on the street you'd recognize me. Will that ever happen? Well who knows! Fyi, this is the only decent picture of me the whole trip, I am never photogenic LOL

Thanks for reading friends, have a wonderful, happy weekend!



  1. Zura, dah balik dr umrah ye..miss your entry n stuffs..huhu..
    Yup, interesting photos, wonderful journey, handsome dad, and beautiful you. Will definitely recognize you, as long as you're accompanied by the two princesses.

  2. Thanks suzie! Ni tengah nak dapatkan balik mood menjait many thiings to do, so little time, as usual.. :)

  3. Selamat pulang zura... InsyaAllah kalau bertembung i will surely tegur zura...

  4. Oh Zura! You are SO BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you posted a picture of yourself. I love all the photos. Pictures of places I have never seen always intrigue me. I thought the camel was so beautiful and then found out you RODE IT! How cool is THAT!?! Very cool indeed. I am glad you had a meaningful trip girl. Lots of love to you!

  5. You are beautiful ... and the tudung you re wearing is awesome, and yes your father is handsome and of course your whole journey must be a wonderful and meaningful one. Love all your photos !! Welcome Back Zura !

  6. kak ain - thank you kak InsyaAllah kita bertemu one day :)

    Jenny - you're the sweetest! thank you my friend :)

    anne - thanks girl! that tudung is actually a pashmina bought at Bazaar in Cairo. Fell in love with its color!

  7. Welcome back.
    What a wonderful trip. Love your pics, the saddle rug on the camel caught my eye..fancy craft.
    Dear, you're so sweet n beautiful.

  8. welcome back... your presence were truly missed. what a wonderful journey. Thank u for picture sharing, especially the last pic...

  9. sgt jeles laa dapat pi sana..teringin pergi masjidil haram..btw ur ayah senyum sweet laa..teringat kat my ayah laa..huhu

  10. Looks like a lovely trip! And how great to finally see beautiful you!

  11. So glad you are back you i missed your updated so much!

    Ma Sha Allah Umrah Maqbula in sha Allah thank you for sharing pics i have yet to visit Eygpt.

    Umrah is truly a unique and beautiful experience alhamdulilah you got to make the visit. In sha Allah hajj next :)

    How wonderful to see you Zura and ma sha Allah you are beautiful what a wonderful surprise to see you!

  12. Kak Hanim - thank you kak *hugs*..still in awe with your gorgeous bagsss!!

    faizlily - thank you! I hope I can get my sewing momentum back. We shall meet one day ya? :)

    me01my - thanks dear...I am like totally a daddy's admire his quiet strength..hooray to great dads out there!

    Barbara - Awww...thank you my friend!!

    Mayya - thank you luv for your prayers, yes Hajj perhaps next ya? The challege will be greater but I'm already missing Makkah! So if we're to meet here in July you know what to expect ya?:D

  13. wow...glad to know that you had a blessed pilgrimage.

    Nice pictures...thank you for sharing your picture.

  14. Puan, welcome home..
    Seronok tgk gambar2 umrah puan.. but 1 thing so true.. puan mmg nmpk lain dalam gambar.. kat luar lebih vogue... hahaha... :)

  15. nima - thank you nima! :)

    zila - hahaha...ntah tang mana laaa yang vogue tu..thanks dear :)

  16. Ma sha Allah, thank you for sharing beautiful pics! Must have been a very special trip for you and your family. My family are also leaving soon to's exciting!

  17. Absolutely breathtaking photos! I'd love to visit Egypt in my lifetime and these photos have got me excited. Found you through Adey @ the sew convert, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I recently found your blog, and I just love all of the things you make! These pictures of your trip are awesome! So cool to see the camel cruisin' down the road :-). And, I seriously doubt you can take a bad picture - you are very pretty!


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