Saturday, 12 June 2010

Inspirations - Stitch Magazine

Hye there! I'm blogging from my in laws' place, 500 kilometers away from home, and yes, I miss home (and my sewing room, my fabrics, my machines the list goes on lol)...

So this is another favorite sewing magazine of mine. Stitch by Quilting Arts, published by Interweave. I discovered it last year when I found the 2008 issue on the back issue stand at one of my usual magazine hangout in Mid Valley (mall). It was sold at just RM9.90 , I took one look at the content and immediately launched my personal hunt for other issues. Well, the next one, Spring 2009 issue, was also found at a back issue stand in Armcorp Mall. That's when I realized that this fabulous mag is really a new one. Just 2 issue out at that time. And then I waited. The next issues never appear again on our local magazines shelves. Oh noooo.....not another Burda, I thought to sad, so sad! 2 new issues came out and I could not find them anywhere in Malaysia anymore, arggghhhh!

So, I had no choice. When I saw on its website the new Spring 2010 issue, I just gotta get it!! True to my hoarding nature, I purchased the two latest issues from the publisher's (Interweave) website. Now, ordering the 2 mags direct from US, combined with the expensive shipping, the price of each magazine ballooned to almost RM80 each!! Die, Zura, die...

The thing is this magazine is packed with modern sewing projects with full sized patterns. Everything is just so fresh and inspiring. There are many projects contributed by renown sewers and crafter, many are also bloggers. For a sneak peek of the overall content of this magazine, go to their website here. You'll find many sewing info and free templates there too. 

In the latest Spring 2010 issue, there is this gorgeous tiered ruffled halter top pattern by my favorite designer Liesl of Oliver and S. Super cute!! Definitely topping my to do list right now! And to put the icing on the cake,   I just discovered that Liesl has made the pattern available on her blog for FREE!! Yeay, now fellow Malaysians could at least get a piece of the mag through this cute pattern. Go grab it here, and happy sewing! :)


  1. I recently ordered this mag and can't wait for it to arrive. Thankfully I found a place here in Australia that stocks it!

  2. waa... menarik2! thanks for sharing ^_^

  3. i'm not very sure but have a feeling that i've seen it at Kino. Maybe u can check that out there.

  4. Jodie - lucky you! it's so hard to get good sewing mags here is Malaysia *sigh*

    mis - thanks mis! :)

    suzie - ada ya babe? a few times i checked takde. but there is another mag (different publication) nama Stitch juga cuma that one more on needlepoint.

  5. kt mane nk beli mag stitch tu yea. midvalley /amcorp mall...which area/shop?

  6. ariza - I belast year kat Mid Valley kedai magazine near Jusco , kat Armcorp Mall kat ground floor kalau tak silap :)

  7. la ni tak pernah beli sewing mags...zaman tok kaduk dulu penah beli 2-3 tp beli sbb nak baca pasal sewing maching review...sbb tak pandai bikin baju...takut tak paham amenda nak kena buat....huhuhu...


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