Sunday, 9 May 2010

Birdie Shirred Dress

My camera's back so gotta quickly post this Little Birdie Dress I made for Hanan last week. It's clear here the little miss was not happy her picture taken. In fact she was cranky the whole day :P

This is a variation of the basic shirred sundress. I made it using Dana's Tutorial here. I already know how to sew a shirred sundress but I went for the variation as I really wanna be more confident with buttonholes. I chose the hardest (to me) design in her fabulous tute and made the dress using half yard of the birdie fabric and 4" x 44" of the tan colored Kona Cotton.

The buttonholes, well, my machine automatic buttonholer refused to budge on the shirred fabric besides, the button is too large to fit onto the gauge. So I improvised and manually created the buttonholes using tight zig zag stitches. Phewww....I had to practice a few times on scraps and thank God they came out perfect!

Oh I just wish she was as cooperative as she was below, on my dodgy mobile phone camera! She was smiling and posing but the picture came out blurry and I tried hard to edit it, I guess they are just beyond repair.

Lastly, I'm glad my camera is back. While it was away, I of course need to find a distraction and accidentally fell into the embrace of Twitter! Lol, like I don't have enough things to do already. I think many have seen the link on my sidebar. I somehow like the fact that I could just write one or two lines there when I'm not blogging. Let's see how long I'll stay on it :D

Before I end, I'd like to wish Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers out there. Enjoy the wonderful gift of motherhood, it truly is priceless...

Till later, have a great weekend peeps! :)


  1. I am cracking up at the grumpy pic! I so relate in the model not wanting to participate in a photoshoot! But you know even grumpy, your girl is just PRECIOUS! I am LOVING the phone camera pics! Especially the sassy third one!

    Happy Mother's Day Zura!

  2. Grumpy pun tetap comel. I always love her kinda face. Nampak mcm ala2 nakal kiut. Muka kanak2 yg independent gitu.

    Dress pun comel.

  3. It's beautiful!
    Thank you for adding to the flickr group! :)
    - dana

  4. Wah dah lama tak check blog ko...byknyya yang angah dah terlopeh..Happy Mother's Day....Comeynyee anak dara ko nih dah semakin pandai bergaya..tapi aku shockingly terpikat ngan aisha nyer art..dasatlaa cantik gilerrr kalu jual kat internet gerenti laku giler tau....frame cantik2 pastu lelong dengan harga minimum US50 heehhe cantik gilossss......!!! Angah

  5. Sweet little Grumpy model!
    She looks cute in the last three pics.

  6. haha ... i just love looking at her grumpy face ... feels like teasing her more ... (dasar suka kasi budak menangis... *evil smile*)

    nice dress Zura ... even though I dont know much about making one ... but i think this one is neat !


  7. nice dress zura! sy pon baru siapkan 1 shirred top.. 1st time playing with elastic thread! ^_^

  8. Thank you friends for such lovely comments! :)

    Yes, she is a handful haha...very passionate my little miss here. Everything has to go her way or no way at all. But she's also funny and smart and oh so special!

    @Dana - I couldn't have done it without your wonderful tute! Thank you! :D

  9. I love your dresses and really pretty girl :)

  10. I love this dress Zura, and you daughter is of course darling!

  11. That is a very cute one!!!


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