Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A-Line Tops for The Girls

One of the most successful clothing projects to date! I made these A-line tops using Carla C pattern. One happy mommy I am! :D

Not only because of the perfect sizing, but also the perfect buttonholes, the girls loving the tops as they actually picked and chose the prints themselves, and last but not least, these babies are reversible! I've never done anything reversible before so being able to complete these is truly an accomplishment for me. However, I don't have photos of the reverse sides here. I mean we were in a public place. How crazy would I look changing my girls tops just so that I could take photos of the reverse side? LOL

Aisha's a bit longer. She chose a subdued grey Alexander Henry print which I love.
Little Miss Hanan pointed to a groovy Caleb Gray print. I LOVE how retro this fabric is! Even that green shade reminds me of the 70s. And as usual, Hanan had this "Mom, could you put down the camera already???" look which I totally adore! lol

Here they were vying for daddy's attention. These kind of pictures always, always warm my heart...

Location : Fountain Park, Alamanda, Putrajaya


  1. Oh Zura! Those tops could not have come out more perfect. The girls did a great job at picking out the fabrics, I can't wait to see what the other sides look like. Great job on the sewing, they look perfect!

  2. Lovely tops!!!Both of them. And your girls look so happy and pleased, which is the best part..

  3. wow...that looks lovely...perfect finishing

  4. B - thank you! i'll get them to wear the reverse side soon and take some photos. How great is that, like, 2 projects in 1 ;)

    saritha - thanks saritha, yes they were so happy as it was the weekend and we got to spend some quality family time :)

    nima - thank you nima! I could not believe the buttonholes turned out perfect! :)

  5. looks like your daughters really know how to value and appreciate the fabrics ... the fruits dont fall far from the tree after all



  6. The girls look great in their outfits. It's nice that they tie in together but are quite individual. I actually came to look at the backpack you made for your little one. It looks great! I've checked out the tutorial and am wondering whether you shrunk it to suit your little one and if so how big yours ended up being.

  7. love it!!
    Puan,salam to Mr Awesome... ;)

  8. anique - awww...thanks ann! I could see lately how appreciative they are of pretty fabrics, I just hope they won't be as addicted as I am though lol

    kristine - oh thank you Kristine! Thanks for dropping by too. I wanted to reply through email but it's not linked to your ID. Yes, I scaled down the drawstring backpack to fit my 2yo. I just winged the measurements though. If I'm not mistaken around 6.5W x 10L. Hope that helps! :)

    faizlily - thank you my friend! :)

    mamadaniel - huk ala zila...I thought you guys call him Mr. Cool? hahahaha....ok I will dear... :D

  9. Adorable! I love this pattern too! It's perfect for appliques.

  10. Such perfect fit, yup your girls are gonna have a love affair with designer stuff, now they have the eye!

  11. Lovely, lovely! I do like that green fabric very much!
    I also thougt your pleated purse (earlier post) was exquisite, so elegant, simple but with that little extra touch. Something kept going wrong with the acces to your comments, but finally i was able to come in! :)

  12. Cuuuute! These are gorgeous pics, too. I was just looking at a pattern for tops like are definitely motivating me to get going!

  13. Zura,I'm such a fan and love when you come by!!!


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