Monday, 10 May 2010

Mama I Love You - Satin Pillowcase for Mother's Day

Last night's annual Mother's Day dinner for the family was a blast!

14 of us, noisy as usual, kissing and hugging each other, chit chatting non stop with the children happily playing and running around while the moms tried hard to get a few spoonfuls of food into them. We were seated outside in the open space, all the better, as when we're there, there's always a big risk of spills and spats LOL

You see, growing up, I was difficult. I was bright, performed well in school and always looking for ways to get the attention and praises from my parents (errmmm...perhaps I'm still like this?? :P).

But I was quite a rebel, and as any teenage girl, full of angst, tantrums and quite mischievous sometimes. Now that I am a mother, oh boy, how I pity my mom for what she had to put up with. All the dramas of me, she really ought to receive a medal for the toughest, strongest, kindest most patient mom in the world!!

I admit I was more of a daddy's girl. But, my sister and me, both got really close to our mother once we become mothers. It makes our relationship even more special now. So I guess, growing up, when mom said "You'll know what I mean when you have your own children on day!!" it actually came true (despite me rolling my eyes every time she said that of course hehe).

As you can see I sewed a Satin Pillowcase as a Mother's Day gift for my mom. I saw the tutorial here at Sew4Home website and I knew I had to try it. I used a cream satin and the trim is a beautiful Antler Damask print by Joel Dewberry from his Deer Valley Collection. It's a bit too big for my pillow here I hope mom has one that that fits well.

Working with satin is quite a challenge! So slippery and it easily snag and pull at the slightest touch of a pin. The serger really helps with the fraying though. My other only regret is only half the damask print is visible because the trim was double fold. Other than that, I'm loving this project! I only have time to make 1 pillowcase, will sew 1 more if mom wants it :)

The Sew4Home website is fabulous too! You should go there if you're sewing for the home. They offer so many fantastic tutorials using gorgeous modern and fresh designer fabrics. Very inspiring!

oh I also sewed something else for my sister and me! Will blog about that later complete with a tutorial, how about that? Yeay!

Thank you for reading lovely mommas, and have a glorious day! :)


  1. wow...that's a lovely pillow case...i'm sure your mom is going to love it...

    can't wait to see your tutorial...

  2. Zura, the pillow case is very nice... I am sure your mom would love it.

    I also loved the shirred birdie dress, I would love to try it out.
    Thank you for the link.
    Also waiting for your tutorial.

  3. wahh satin pillowcase. mesti best tido kat pillow ni kan.macam mewahh je rasa :)

    as always, beatiful colour combo and neat stitches!

  4. nice pillow cover and happy mother's day to you. I's sure your mom loves it:).

  5. @ nima - thanks nima! fingers crossed for the tute! :)

    @preeta - thank you preet! try the dress, it will make you fell in love with shirring :)

    @ dura - thanks girlfren! memang lembut gebu giteww...I jahit pun sebab ada terbaca tidur guna satin pillow boleh awet muda tau hahaha...suka my mom bila i bgtau dia hehe

    @ phiphi - oh thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)


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