Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Three Pincushions and A Dream

I made these 3 pincushions for the lovely Nurul. They are simple patched pincushions in 3 different themes. I had to include those fabulous fabric with writing I bought from Ayumi , obviously very inspired by her work :)

They are all of different sizes as I totally winged the measurements. The themes are Black and White Wonky Love, Bright Retro Sewing and Kawaii Japanese Matryoshka in Linen. I hope she likes it :)

And that dream?
I dream of a quilt. Yes, I'm itching to make one, and I want to make a picnic quilt. I want to spread that quilt when we go for a breakfast picnic at Putrajaya lake near the Equestrian Park. Oh dare I launch into such a big project?

Which reminds me I have a few more pending custom orders. I promise I'll finish it asap before end of April. And I'm taking a break from accepting custom orders this month to focus on some ready made items in the planning.

Till later, wish me luck as I gather some courage to attempt that quilt! :)

Take care lovely peeps and *hugs*!


  1. Zura, you have a surprise in my blog.
    lovely pincushion...
    hai...quilting bug caught you also...i'm sure you will enjoy quilting...i too need to make a quilt for picnic...that sound interesting..we always take mats for picnic...

  2. emm...jeles tui tgk pin cushion ni..
    akak ...nnti tiru idea mcm akak ni ye..leh la ye...teringin nk wat pin cushoin tuk diri sendiri..huhuhu

  3. Nima - Thank you! Yup, I dream of a beautiful vintage looking quilt for a picnic, totally girly! I really, really wanna make one, watch this space :D

    zue - tq yang...lerr tiru lah sila2, akak memang blog kan hasil jahitan sambil2 berkongsi inspirasi hehe...tak sabar nak tengok zue punye version :)

  4. nk tanye ler, pinochusion kat dlm tu boh ape ye zura hikhik.. (sori soalan budak baru nk blaja)

  5. Mis - Takpe rajin bertanya cepat pandai hehe. I sumbat bebanyak polyfill fibre dalam tu bagi dia gomuk :D

    I beli dari Jaja (tamu). Trylah!

  6. Go for the quilt ... !!! and go for that picnic ... sure nak piknik pun tak senang orang ramai nanti datang hampar kain batik atau surat khabar depa dekat quilt you .. sbb nak tengok dekat ... atau kalau yang dengki nanti purak2 jatuhkan jem atas quilt you ....

    hampeh kan ...?

    hahaha jahatnya aku bagi gambaran ngeri .. seriously u shd go for it


  7. anique - hahaha memang jahat k...terbayang-bayang jem splattered on my girly girl fresh vintage quilt yang masih angan2 itew haha...tq bagi semangat dah siap order kain okeh...ya Tuhan...bila la nak tobat :D

  8. Grand pincushions, whoever ordered those is going to love them.

    As for a quilt, I say go for it girl! Why not? There is no saying you need to finish it in a weeks time, or even a month. Just start, and when you finish you'll take it on that picnic...and if you finish in winter you can always picnic indoors!

  9. quilting is a PAIN! but it's also addictive though...Even though i complain about it, i love being able to cozy up under something that i've made!

  10. B - thank you for the encouragement! I really hope this one will materialize even if it takes me months to finish it. the beauty of sewing for one self is there's no deadline yeay!

    bagfashionista - hahaha....thanks! I read in your blog about your quilting experience, and yours turned out really cozy looking! I agree it is addictive this quilting business :)

  11. good luck zura with your quilt project..
    I saw matryoshka pin cusion!!.. adorable!!.. cant wait to receive my matryoshka too.. It is on the way!!

  12. Bu,

    I hope you remember that someone birthday is looming. If tak, terbalik mesin jahit mu nanti!! hahahahaha...good luck!!

  13. Apa ke benda nye nih?? Bu, tu gue. Your lovely Ezza

  14. YES, I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. Thank you. I've posted it in my blog. Meh dtg tgk - http://garlicandbutter.blogspot.com

  15. Im sure you'll have no problem making the quilt. The pin cushions are too cute tho

  16. I love, love, and love your pincushions! They are so sweet and cute!!!!

  17. fit - me can't wait too! they are super cute!

    ezza - hahahahahahahahah....kelakar betol korang punyer google id okeh....the looming birthday? bisa di aturrr....

    Nurul - glad you like 'em luv!

    Krissy - thank you! I'm waiting for the fabric to arrive, I will attempt it even if it takes forever lol

    alessandra - oh thank you for visiting my blog! *hugs* back :)

    Ayumi - I'm honored! You are such an inspiration! How I wish my log cabin is as flawless as yours :)


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