Sunday, 4 April 2010

Jom Jahit - Conversation Pillows :)

The Jom Jahit sew along organised by Tinihani for March is for us to sew pillow or cushion covers. I practically begged her to extend the feature till the weekend coz I have not one but eight pillows to cover!

Pillow Jom Jahi 800
I used only the simplest methods for this project. No buttons, ties, zippers nope. Just plain old straight stitching and overlapped backs. The front fabrics are all medium weight cotton squares to fit the inserts I already have. I used home dec weight, canvas cotton from Ikea for the backings in dark blue color, the texture is similar to denim.

FYI, I'm not very motivated to sew for the home right now, the main reason being this is not our property. We might be moving anytime soon. The eight pillows in my living room have been covered with the same blah looking vintage roses print from Tewah for the past 2 years and believe it or not I only have one set. Yup, every weekend the pillows were naked for a day as I took out the cover, washed, only to put it back on in the evening. So sad considering I can sew! LOL, so I guess this month's Jom Jahit is the perfect motivator for me :D

Let's take a closer look at the prints, shall we?

Pillow Jom Jahit3 800

From left : Water Bouquet in Midnight and Paradise Garden In Wine both Amy Butler, Love Collection; Antler Damask In Sky, Joel Dewberry, Deer Valley Collection; Casey Scroll in Red, Jennifer Paganelli, Sis Boom Bell Bottoms Collection.

Pillow Jom Jahit 4 800

From left : Damask In Grey, Henry Glass Classic Currant Collection; Nosegay In Black, Paula Prass, Summer Soiree Collection; Michal in Fuchsia, Jennifer Paganelli, Flower Power Collection; Amanda Fleur in Black, Jennifer Paganelli, Pretty Please Collection.

I love them all! So which one do you like best? :)


  1. ZURA i love them i will pick 3 fav and there are in random order

    Paula Prass, Summer Soiree Collection
    Water Bouquet in Midnight and Paradise Garden In Wine both Amy Butler, Love Collection

    Wow i cant believe all that fabric i am so so jealous of you...beautiful pillows

  2. Girl, I am drooling, these pillows are delicious! The second and third ones from the left are my favourite, but gosh they are all so gorgeous. Great job!

    I love sew alongs that light a small fire under your rear, I've been looking for more, but it's hard to find them. Wish I had known about this one because I would have joined in and added some much needed coloiur to my home.

  3. These are gorgeous!! I love teh Jennifer Paganelli ones. Which I hadn't heard of before, so thankyou so much for taking the time to write them all down for us!!

    cantik2 la akak..
    jeles tgk semua fabrik tu dah jd sarung kusyen...hihiihi...

  5. drooling over the yummy fabric!! if I have to pick a fav, it has to be the Antler Damask In Sky, i think light blue, sky, turquoise is my colour for 2010..

  6. Manyaknya...means that u r superb hardworking!! Like them all!! Dunno which one to choose actually b'coz all the fabrics used were yummy!!! meh bagi satu pillow kat sini..hehehe..

  7. i definitely love amy butler's midnight bouquet!

  8. err..Zura, mana pegi pijama kiut hijau tu..i nak nangis je tengok tahap kekiutannya..rasa cam dan-dan tu gak nak buat

  9. Cantiknye kain2 yang Zura ade... Paling minat kat Amanda Fleur in Black, Antler Damask In Sky and Paradise Garden.. Mmg menarik sbb colour die vibrant.. Jelesnyee... ~

  10. huwahhh!!! banyak gile hang buat... aku pilih both amy butler (yg ku pujuk2 tak dapat tu terutamanya)... buleh bagi free ka ini 2 bantal? heheheheh..

  11. Oh thank you friends for the wonderful comments! I could see many are lovin AB and JP prints and my personal favourites is the JD Antler Damask here as pillow cover simply stunning!

    Coming home from work today feels less tiresome, meeting bright happy colors, those pillows waiting for me on the couch! :D

  12. NiCE!! Me like all of 'em...and it's interesting to see that u dont make them in pairs...not 'matchy2', like Heidi Klum would say..

    U cant go wrong with Amy Butler's design, huh..?

  13. i have to say, my fav is Joel Dewberry

  14. OMG...what a lovely fabric and great finish....

  15. I pick the third and the fourth from left ... from the first photo.

    I should be learning their names and their designs in due time soon !


  16. Thank you all for such wonderful comments! Now that these beauties are on my couch a few days already I have to say the JD's Antler Damask is the best looking. Such beautiful combo and the print is stunning. I am never happier sitting on my couch now lol

  17. Zura way to go!!! Beautiful collectin and they all work so beautifully together.

  18. Cantik... Very delicious!.. Sy suke.. Jennifer Paganelli, Pretty Please Collection.. Same cm corak langsir rumah sy..


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