Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Destash : Vintage Pattern Giveaway!

--- update : This giveaway is closed, thanks for participating! :) ---

Vintage Pattern Giveaway Group B

Hello friends! :)

I am destashing my vintage patterns. These are patterns I won off eBay in 2003, they came in a big box with over 60 vintage patterns of various conditions. I've resold a few on eBay but still have many leftover, taking up space in my sewing room.

So I decided to host a giveaway of these two groups. I made sure each group has a mix of adult, children and costume patterns. Most of these have been used and cut. I just don't have the energy to sort thru to see if they are complete but the few I checked are fine. They all have the instruction leaflet intact.

Who might find use in these? Well if you've never used a commercial pattern this is a good way to practice for FREE before you decide to buy the latest designs. If you sew, there are a few good retro patterns that might see a revival with your magical, designer touch ;) If you don't sew, you can always win this for someone you know would use it.

One group will be for a fellow Malaysian and another goes to my lucky International friend.

To enter, just leave a comment, let me know which group you prefer. I also need to know if you're not in Malaysia, so please mention the country you're in :)

Oh, just to add interest here, each group will be shipped to the winners with 1 Mystery Fat Quarter of designer fabric, yeay!!

I will pick the winners randomly this Sunday, 17th of April. Good luck friends! *hugs*


  1. Your Canadian friend here, hoping that B has my name written all over it. Love the little super hero costume, I could use that for the little super hero in my life, and those sweet animal costumes would be good for now! Let alone that short cape jacket is EXACTLY what I've been trying to find for AGES! and I love that little girls dress pattern. Oh....now I'm going to be crossing my fingers that those get to find a home with me because I could put those to some seriously great use. Please please pick me!

  2. Hi Zura, I am from Sri Lanka!
    Thanks for the giveaway, i love the group A and the pattern from STYLE in group B is also beautiful.

  3. Hi Zura,

    I have never sewn clothes before-ever. And have yet to own any sewing pattern. If i'm lucky and picked, i would like to get the Group B pattern.
    Wish me luck ;)

  4. Hi Zura! Fun giveaway :)

    Im in the US and would love to play with those old patterns, never know what you can whip up with a retro pattern.
    Have a great week!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway :) I'm in Australia and have my eye on group B. Those costumes are way too cute!

  6. OMG! OMG!
    i just can believe it..first good thing that i see this morning. I hope this will be my lucky day. Btw, i would love the patterns in group A.

    to be honest i've never had my hands on any commercial pattern. i don't even know how it looks like. haha..


  7. Zura,
    nak cuba nasib jugak nih. i would like to have.. B! mystery fat q yang best tu!

  8. salam..

    zai dak join gak..

    harap2 bertuah..

  9. salam zura, ish nak join jugak...saya orang Malaysia ehh..hehe...patern pilihan is B...tapi A pon best...ermmm designer fabric lagila best!!huhu....

  10. Great Giveaway and i have yet to try sewing using a pattern so it would be wonderful to win this!

    I choose B i love the loong jaket, the pyjamas, the long dress the girls dress and the costumes are so cute...

    Thanks for hosting this..

  11. Hi Zura, Im hueisei from Penang, Malaysia..

    I would like to have Group B pattern. I am so eager to sew a girl dress for my sister, who dreaming of alice in wonderland lately..I saw a dress in Group B pattern which I think suitable for her...

    Please, please pick me....

  12. salam...kak zura..

    zu nak join gak..
    dr a.staq kedah,malaysia...
    harap2 bertuah la tuk dapat pattern B ...ishh...A pun ok gak..hehehe..
    emm,...syoknya klu dapat ngan designer fabric lak..muahhhaa..hihiih
    yeye hoooraaaaaaayy..!
    opss...over lak..

  13. Oh! I want the little bunnies! ;)
    Maybe too far away for your giveaway but hte bunny costumes are cute anyway!
    How nice to have you popping over at my blog! :)

  14. hi kakzura, i'm also interested to join..those patterns look so tempting..I would love the A one but B will be great too.Count me in ya!

  15. hi zura!
    n join gak.. hope i'll be the lucky one hihiii.. (i'm ok with A or B ^_^)

  16. opss sori.. mis bukan 'mid' kat atas tu

  17. hi~i'm from selangor, malaysia.~
    i like the group A~
    as you say, it is good way to practice for FREE,since i never sewing any costume, but have recently start interest in this, so i thk it wil be a good free practice for me if i get them.

  18. Hi Zura!

    I've never sewn clothes using any commercial pattern before.. I hope I'll be the lucky one.. I love and would like to try the patterns in Group B ^^

    arifah fahira

  19. hi zura
    first time join giveaway nie...wish to have it (group B)..hope i'm the lucky person...

  20. hi zura, nak join jugak... hope i am the lucky one to win the froup B...

  21. Hola from Puerto Rico! Fun giveaway! I'm interested in the children's patterns and costumes :)

  22. Hi Zura,

    I'm trying my luck here for Group A pattern !!!

  23. Hi Zura, saya join... I want Group B Pattern...


  24. salam kak zura ;)
    still have time to enter this giveaway, kan?
    me, malaysian of course. the no. 9165 pattern of group A seems nice, but the one in 2861 from STYLE of group B attracts me a LOT! i'm dreaming of sewing a jubah from 2861 pattern. but i've to make few modifications to the pattern.

    please, count me in ;)


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