Monday, 26 April 2010

Romancing The Grey…Pleated Wristlet

I really wanted to make one when I saw a few beautiful similar designs on Etsy. I could not find a pattern or tutorial for this design, so this is a result of another one of my wing-it-and-pray projects. I made it using a 2 inches interval pleats.
This design actually looks better using silk-satin material, but I wanted to use this beautiful medium grey Kona cotton I have in stash. Well, add interfacing and flannel interlining, the seams are a bit too bulky for comfort. After a lot of pressing and smoothing and leaving it overnight, the wristlet looks and feels real pretty. I experimented with fabric flower too, had so much fun, I'm gonna make more of these beauties!

The chain is what makes this wristlet special. At first I thought of selling it but when I finished I knew I wanted to keep this for myself as I have a wedding to attend next weekend. So girly! And to think of making this in all the yummy colors, oh how fun will that be? Perhaps I'd try this in silk-satin too…What do you think? Any delicious color combo for the wristlet and the flower? Lemme hear your idea ya? J


  1. santeekkk.. sedang mencari wrislet yg sesuai utk weding SIL.. tempah boleh? weddingnyer end of May.. theme Gold, kalau boleh let me know k..

  2. wowwwweee!! cantiknyaaaa!! well done, my fren..
    suka suka!

    akan try jugak 1 hari nanti...

  3. Cantek indeed :)
    Sgt sesuai as evening clutch / utk pi kenduri kendara.

    Kalau rajin jln2 kat etsy mmg byk design yg cantik but simple. Cuma kena geliga utk figure out how to do from scratch tanpa pattern.

  4. Pretty!! Silk Sateen Apple Green with Reddish Pink Flower! But then thats me :)

  5. aliff aqill - Thanks! I dah email nanti revert back ya? :)

    Maya - ekeke...tq my fren...buat jangan tak buat...berpeluh aku lipat pleats tu keh, tebal woo...

    azaidris - thanks girl! memang girly for kenduri kan? a-ah, banyak inspirasi kat etsy tu :)

    kak azidah - Thanks kak! That combo sounds yummy! Can try and make one ya? :)

  6. Adorable! I love all your little wristlets!

  7. Thank you Jenny! :) And I wish I can sew so many pretty dresses like you :)

  8. Good job...nice....suka design bag akak..Imah kasi award nih..

  9. Oh wow someone is busy, busy
    Zura its really pretty so you are getting into pattern designing now ha maybe you can sell your patterns someday well done!

    Oh and i'm loving the bigger pictures on your blog

  10. lawa lahhh ... nampak eksklusif dgn bunga dan wristlet tersebut


  11. Imah - thank you yang...hehe...terbayang naik pentas and say "Lihatlah Dunia!.."...dramatik gitu amik award :D

    Mayya - aww...tq mayya! perhaps one day I would ya? I love tweaking with bag patterns nowadays :)

    Anique - tq babe sungguh formal ayat mu itu hehe

  12. Love it! And that flower is a great way to dress it up!

  13. I like the design too :). The chain makes the wristlet looks cool. Try polka dot fabric with solid color flower. Olive green & dark brown flower might be nice too.

  14. ooooo, me likey likey!!


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