Saturday, 17 April 2010

Black & White Sewing Tools Roll

Hello! How's your weekend so far? Me, enjoying sewing time with my girls happily running, laughing and playing all around me. Pure domestic bliss. I just wish I can do this every-single-day. I yearn for it.....

That aside, I managed to finish this sewing tools roll for the sweet, sweet Far :) Pardon the weird looking photos. I took this photos near that sunny window in my ultra hot sewing room. Nowadays, I don't have to exercise, sewing in that little studio during the day makes me sweat all the fat away LOL
It's a combination of Paula Prass's Zebra print and Ikea black and white heavy cotton. I used poly batting as padding.
So practical. Slip in all your precious sewing tools.
Flip the padded cover over the tools....roll it....
....and tie the ribbons. Voila! Safe and stowed. Hope you like it Far and thank you! :)

Enjoy your weekends peeps and yes, tomorrow I'll pick two winners for my pattern giveaway, yeay!


  1. very nice, my tools are all over the place! just need to find time to do one like yrs, looks so chic too!

  2. the fabric is beautiful and this is a very brilliant organizer.

    p/s: my sewing room is very hot too. i know exactly how u feel.. lol

  3. wow..nice idea..It's nice to carry along when we go out for some crafty meet ups

  4. Received my Sewing Tools... Sooo cute!

    Jap lg nk isi barang.. x sabar ni..
    TQ ye kak!!!!

  5.'s nice..i like black n white...


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