Friday, 19 March 2010

Dance With Me Skirt and Malacca Day Trip

It is the school holiday and we owe Aisha a trip as we've planned so many times but unable to go due to work commitments. So hubby and me took 2 days off work to spend some quality time with the girls. Had to as hubby gotta work this weekend, it's now or never *sigh*

Yesterday we went to the historic Malacca. And I managed to whip up a skirt for Hanan an hour before the trip. I call it Dance With Me Skirt as the fabric, gorgeous Kayla by Jennifer Paganelli is from a collection of the same name! And talked about playing with new serger, how about this :

NICE...... :D

Presenting the little miss in her new skirt....I think it's fun and you cannot go wrong with pretty prints like that. I still have these fabrics for 1-2 more small size skirts, email me if you're interested ya?

And these photos are just for fun as I love how tourist-y they look hahaha...

We were at Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini ASEAN. So funny how in every house, hubby would use the props to act out a scene for the photos. Yes, that hunk is taken *blush* :D
They were so in awe with the props and Aisha actually made some notes for her history lessons :) It was scorching hot when we were in the park. But later as we moved into the city to see A'Famosa, it rained cats and dogs. We were only able to sit in the car watching from far as hubby told Aisha the history of the place.
I love Hanan's could-not-be-bothered-with-mommy-taking pictures-blah look....LOL

Day trip well spent, in happy mode! :)


  1. So cute, love the fabric! Funny how you guys are sweating and I was shoveling snow today! It was minus 11 here!! I wish I was visiting you!

  2. Your posts make me smile! Love Hanan's face in the last pic! My daughter was always nonplussed by the camera at her age too!

    Loving the serger work! Woo hoo! Yay for serged edges! =)

  3. And I wanted to say, I love the skirt! Great fabric choices! ;-)

  4. Love the the prints...n love everything as regards to your handmade..n love u too!!! great job!!

  5. Salam Puan, saya pernah attend lecture Puan last year.. x sangka you have passion in sewing too.. Anyway, cute skirt u have there..

  6. very cute skirt, looks great for the weather there! I love that picture of Hanan in front there.

  7. i love the cute skirt...beautiful design

  8. Thank you friends for such sweet comments! Yes, it's really, really hot nowadays in Malaysia, we're hanging on till April! :D

  9. nice! if there's one thing i loathe, it is seaming! i wonder if sergers are cheaper in KL compared to the states?


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