Sunday, 21 March 2010

Look What Mr Postman Brought Me!

Yeay! I've been eagerly waiting for these babies to arrive. Mr. Postman came knocking yesterday and I practically jumped up and down in glee!

I bought these fabric with writing from Ayumi of Pink Penguin fame. Such a talented sewist, no stranger to Malaysian crafters as I've seen many of her creations and tutorials popped up in local blogland, cherished by many.

I personally LOVE her pretty, fresh patchwork especially those cute pincushions! And in each one there will always be some fabric with writing peeking. I love it and when she made these herself, I just had to snap some up. And how sweet is Ayumi, she included a pink one in my order as I was a bit late and missed all the pink ones! Thank you Ayumi, you're wonderful!

And today, she's listing a few more of these fabulous writing fabric in her store, with many irresistible candy colors. I just snapped two more, hurry up, these will be gone in no time! :D


  1. Cantikkan...Huhu..jeles!jeles!jeles! That day went to her shop sume dah abis.
    Nak tgk apa zura buat dgn fabric tu ;)

  2. Hi Naza! Yup, cantik and unik sangat tapi cam biasa I rasa sayang nak potong hehe...

  3. I also got one from ayumi.... it is really fun indeed to collect all the fabrics except that I am living in Miri and the choices are limited. So, the next best thing is order online... it really is making a hole in my pocket but for the love of it?? what the heck.... :) and by the way, loooovvvveee your blog and everything in it :)


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