Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Dream Came True, I'm In Sewing Heaven

At last, my own serger! :)

I received many requests for custom made clothing but dare not agree, for the very fact that I did not have a serger. Children's garment especially need to be finished professionally for it to last. So I did some soul searching, or shall I say "pocket digging", and found THE ONE. Well, decision was mainly made on the one that fits my budget, which is of course, very little with all my other addiction to support :P

Brother 3034D Lock, my dream just came true! Easy threading too! Can't wait for the weekend to play with her :)

Don't they look handsome together? I need to find a sturdier table though, the weight of these two simply too much for such a small table lol

And this one, Evelyn Hobo for a lovely customer, Dyla. Fabric is Fashionista Lorenza in Aubergine by Alexander Henry. I owe her another bag, I'm gonna try and finish this weekend.

Cheers to sewing on and creating more ladies, have a great day! :D


  1. Congrats on the serger and yes the two do look good together!

    I am so happy for you :)

    Is this your first time using one?

  2. congrats Zura...i'm glad you got's in my wish list..i'm sure it will give you a professional finish to your lovely piece.

  3. Congratulation for you new serger, you deserve it! making all the pretty things you make without a serger, just imaging what you can do with one!

  4. welcome to the new serger..hehehe yeah yeah lepas ni rancak lah kann??hehe btw berapa pricenye?

  5. congrats Zura, knowing u (from blogworld), u will come up with beautiful and excellant craftmansip products...

  6. lyn - thanks babe!

    Mayya - Thank you! Yes, my first time using one. It's pretty small as it's for home use, but does the job beautifully. It comes with a handy DVD showing how to thread and use it :)

    nima - Thanks nima! Yes, I think serious sewist should get one because the finishing is very important ya? :)

    Michal - aww...thank you michal! I wish I have more time to sew now that I have it :)

    mai - hehe thanks girl! memang rancaklah tekan pedal pasni was a whopping RM1299, but cheapest I could find in its class

    faizlily - thank you faizlily, you're the sweetest! Can't wait to get creating full on, I get excited just thinking about all the possibilities! :)

  7. Congratulations Zura on your new serger....

  8. Thank you Kak Ain! *hugs* :)

  9. Congrats zura :)
    Your new header is so cool. I'm so liking it.

  10. Great new banner! So retro chic! ;)
    Well done for buying the serger! Looks scary.... But it does seem like a great thing to have.

  11. memang hensemmmm duduk berdua mesin tu,suka!

  12. how wonderful. i remember how happy i am when buying my own serger too. a great boost in sewing. i really love that hobo bag. stunning fabric. lucky dyla!

  13. Barbara - thanks! hahaha...yes, it looks a little scary the first time I saw it and I was anxious threading it too. But after awhile, well lets just say I can spend hours playing and serging yards of fabrics with thise mean machine lol!

    Erni - tenkyu dear...memang nampak serasi gitu partner dua orang ni ahaks

    Alviana - thanks girl! yup, elation and glee! (jump and jiggle and dance around lol)

  14. congrats on ur new serger Zura, I'm sure it'll make sewing easier and fun!!
    btw,cant help to notice ur sewing machine, exactly similar to mine :p

  15. welcole in sewing heaven :-)
    I do have the same serger, and I just do not know how was the life before her :-)
    the only thing I regret is that it does not sew these special seams overlock for the tee-shirts, or I did not find how to!

  16. Evelyne - Thanks Evelyne! Really? The same ya? I guess it gives us more "confidence" :D

    Peach Rainbow - thanks my friend! :)

    tic@ - thank you for visiting and commenting! :) Not sure about the special seams, but the shop assistant told me 4 threads for t-shirts n 3 threads for other fabrics, so far I've only used 3 threads :)

  17. congrats... congrats... makin panjang ler langkah pas ni.. :D

  18. congrate ..kak zura..
    lepas ni makin kencangla tempahan ye..hihi
    ..leh tau x bape rm new serger tu?

  19. zura.. sama la serger kita.. cuma masa aje masih mencemburui.. susah nak belek lama2.. geram aje

  20. i tell you, once you serge, you dont know how come you sewed so long without one..hahaha

  21. tahniah! I u deserved it because you do sew beautiful things..i owned a serger/overlocker...well more than a decade ago but I don't sew much...I used it more for the linen I cross stitched on and finishing task...that's about it..and sometimes for the curtains...most of the time it just tuck away in the cupboard...what a waste!! LOL

  22. Zura beli kat mana serger. am so green with envy...

  23. congrats! happy serging :D


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