Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lovemelots New Shop URL and Being Featured at Keykalou Blog

Just dropping by to announce the new URL for Lovemelots Creations shop. The blog shop is now replaced with http://lovemelots.crazyartzone.com for better shopping experience. Credit to my partner Maya for her help and expertise, the best I could ask for. :)

Come drop by the shop anytime and subscribe or be a Follower to get latest updates.

Malaysian customers, watch out for the ever popular designer fabric Preorder runs. I am opening the 5th batch very,very soon and you can choose from so many goreous, delicious prints offered at the shop.

On another happy, happy note, Michelle, the designer of Keykalou patterns has featured the Garden Party Wristlet I made from Jennifer Paganelli's Sis Boom fabric on her blog. I am truly honored she likes it and of course, I could not have done it without her fabulous pattern! Read about it on her sewing blog here.


  1. Congrats on your shop it looks GREAT wishin you lots of success.

    I knew that bag was familiar i should have known it was Keyka Lou Patterns and i love her patterns. Congrats on being featured :)

  2. aww...thanks Mayya! hope the shop will take off I have many more thing in planning. yup, the bag pattern is absolutely gorgeous too, love the posibilities that comes with it :


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